The Zehner Collective

Earlier this year, my talented friends, Melissa and Michael Zehner, created a business together.  Their company is called The Zehner Collective and their work can be viewed in their Etsy shop.  They sell items such as kraft cards adorned with Melissa’s hand-lettering, adorable signs and baby onesies block-stamped by Michael.  The couple is from Virginia (although they currently reside in Wellesley, MA) and their southern roots can be detected in much of their work.   Check them out here on Etsy!

I recently placed an order from the Zehner Collective and my lovely little package arrived today.  The first item was a grouping of six hand-lettered greeting cards.  Each card features a hilarious quote by none other than Karen Walker from Will & Grace.   Such a fantastic idea!

Karen Walker quote cards

Karen Walker quote cards


Can't you just hear Karen's voice when you read these statements?

Can’t you just hear Karen’s voice when you read these statements?


I also ordered this sweet little sign featuring the well-known quote from the story, “Where the Wild Things Are”…DSC_0883

…and then, because Melissa is a complete sweetheart, she sent me a special and powerful sign that holds so much meaning for me…

My thoughtful gift from Melissa...

My thoughtful gift from Melissa…

Melissa and Michael are such a wonderful pair and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know them over the past several years.  I look forward to ordering more items in the future!

Also, Melissa is an über talented photographer…check out her website here!

Happy Wednesday!





Boot Love

We are both over our summer wardrobes and are ready for layering, scarves and boots!

In anticipation of fall and cooler weather, we ventured out to The Streets at Southpoint in Durham, NC to see what booties we could find.  (Of course, we couldn’t start our shopping journey without eating lunch at Cafe Bistro in Nordstrom.  Neither of us can resist their fries!)

After lunch, we started our hunt at Nordstrom.   Their shoe department never disappoints.  We browsed the entire area, then sat down and tried on several pairs of booties and low boots.  Here’s what we each found…

Lindsey:  I had seen the knee-high version of this Aquatalia boot before but my eyes were immediately drawn to this lower option.  I had been debating purchasing a pair of the “Original Short” Hunter boots for the rainy days ahead.  While I love my Hunters, they become heavy and cumbersome after wearing them for long periods of time.  These Aquatalia boots are all-weather and very light!  I decided that these would fit my needs perfectly.  The bonus is that they don’t look like a rain boot so I can wear them no matter what the weather.  Their versatility won me over and they made their way home with me that day.

Tiffany:  I tried on these TOMS. I have a pair of their booties from last year and they are by far, the most comfortable shoes I own.  When I saw these high booties, I knew instantly, that I had to have them.  What I didn’t realize, until I tried them on, is that the zipper is on the outside!  They are available in black, dark grey, navy and taupe (what I purchased).  I may have to swap mine out for these dark grey ones, shown below.

We both fell in love with this next pair.  Kate Spade always knows how to make her collection a little more feminine and the bow on the back of these booties were perfection.  The chunky 3″ inch heel made it extremely comfortable and, to be honest, I don’t know that these boots could ever look bad.  We saw the shoe in the Luggage color, but they are also available in Black and Stone (shown below).

After we finished at Nordstrom, we strolled over to Madewell where, again, we both loved the same boot.  The leather on this shoe has a very worn look and the soft mahogany was the perfect “go to” color for fall.  These low boots are not only super attractive, but they also exceptionally comfortable.  Well done, Madewell.

During our trip to the mall, we realized that neither of us ever looked at a knee boot.  There were very few high boots featured in any of the stores.  So, we are wondering, are booties replacing knee boots, as the new fall staple?

Let us know what you think!


Tiffany & Lindsey

Serving Trays as Design Statements

We mentioned our love for serving trays in our previous piece on Baubles & Backdrops entitled, “All About Gray” so we wanted to feature these pieces in their very own write-up.  A simple serving tray call provide an additional layer to a smaller space and can make a dynamic impact.  Below are a few illustrations of various ways to utilize a serving tray in your home design.

One way to incorporate a serving tray into a bedroom is to use it as the bedside table…

Tray in lieu of a nightstand

Tray in lieu of a nightstand

A well-styled tray placed on top of an ottoman can add a great deal of character to the space not to mention it is a great way to display treasured items.


Well-styled tray placed on ottoman

Well-styled tray placed on ottoman

A tray provides a designated space for pretty smaller items

A tray provides a designated space for smaller items such as jewelry and pretty perfume bottles.

Serving Tray Small Items

We love to use trays when entertaining.  If we are offering a specific cocktail at a party, we like to use a tray to serve the specific drink (as demonstrated in our post, “Mini-Mimosa Bar). It adds a nice aesthetic touch.  Often times, we will use the tray to create a self-serve station for our guests so that they can replenish their drinks as often as needed.

Placing several of the same type of drink on a serving tray makes for a sweet look

Placing several of the same type of drink on a serving tray makes for a sweet look

Create a self-serve area using a tray, some glasses and necessary drink ingredients

Create a self-serve area using a tray, some glasses and necessary drink ingredients

Serving Tray Entertaining

While we love a fabulous bar cart, they can be expensive and can take up a great deal of space in a home.  A serving tray placed on top of a chest of drawers, a desk or any other accessible flat surface can turn into a wonderful makeshift bar.

bar tray hermes

Serving Tray as a modified bar cart

Serving Tray as a modified bar cart

Next week we will feature some of our favorite serving trays!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!


Tiffany & Lindsey