The Adidas Surge

Okay, while Adidas has never been a brand that has fallen completely out of style, it did seem to fall into the background for many years.  Longtime competitor, Nike, seemed to remain in the forefront, consistently propelled by collaborations with celebrities and athletes alike.  Classics such as Air Jordans and Air Max and old school kicks such as the Cortez have remained priority style purchases within the world of streetwear.  Global lifestyle brands such as Vans and Converse have both experienced ebbs and flows with regards to popularity but have each made a strong comeback in recent years as popularity for a more casual form of fashion grew.  Over the last year, Adidas has now emerged (somewhat seemingly out of nowhere) as an “it” brand.  Pairing up with big names (think Pharrell) and making products that are both cool and functional has proved to be a winning formula for the brand, not to mention some assistance from perfect timing.  People are looking to feel current and edgy but are also placing a strong emphasis on comfort.  Adidas is producing stylish clothing and shoes that offer the best of both worlds.  New clothing pieces have an effortlessly cool vibe and the sneakers offer a fresh take on sportswear meets fashion.  (I have to give a shoutout to my stylish hubby who strongly urged me to purchase a pair of the Ultra Boost.  They are pictured below.  I was absolutely shocked at the amazing fit.  I mean, they are INSANELY comfortable.  Plus, the color is made to resemble Rosé, so there’s that…)

Sharing my favorite Adidas picks below…





Which was your first pair of Adidas?  I wore my black Sambas almost every single day back in elementary school!










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