My Idea of the Perfect Distressed Tee

Good morning and happy halfway-through-the-week!

Not too much going on around here.  Just catching up on household work and also a bit of resting.  We spent the weekend at the beach with both David’s parents as well as my parents.  It was pretty special to see Ryan share that experience with both sets of grandparents and I know that David’s dad and my dad loved spending Father’s Day as one big group.

When we went to the beach a few weeks ago, Ryan loved swimming but he had yet to figure out how to stay buoyant (while wearing his Puddle Jumper).  I had to have a hand on him at all times.  We have gone to the pool here in Raleigh a couple of times since and I could see the learning beginning as his little legs were starting to kick a bit but he still needed assistance.  Over this past weekend, it all just clicked and he was swimming around the pool (with his Jumper) independently.  Definitely one of my most memorable mom moments so far.  Pretty amazing to witness your little one learning such a fun and important skill!

Because we are going to be spending quite a bit of time at the beach over the summer, I have been hunting for tees that I can wear both during and after pregnancy.  (I am trying not to purchase maternity tops, only bottoms out of necessity.)  When we are down there, I don’t tend to get ready like I do at home.  Comfort and ease are at the top of the priority list so when I found this particular distressed tee, it was ordered immediately…in all three color options.  I will live in these babies!  The longer length is perfect for pregnancy but will also be so adorable afterwards when paired with skinny jeans.  The tee isn’t distressed too much, just a few tiny little holes and the shoulder cutout.  To me, it’s pretty close to the perfect tee…especially love the nod to my old home.




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