Pom Poms and Gloves and Beanies oh My!

Happy Friday!

We are expecting snow this weekend here in Raleigh!  It’s not often that we have snow and it’s even more rare that we have enough to really enjoy it and play outside.  The exciting part about the predicted weather this weekend is that they are calling for snow but no terrible ice conditions on the road.  Woohoo!  We are looking so forward waking up and seeing the ground covered in white.  Well, we plan on enjoying it until Monday when the temperature is supposed to drop below zero degrees.  That’s FAR colder than it typically is here during the winter.

Speaking of cold temperatures, let’s talk about gloves, mittens and winter hats for just a minute.  We remember when glove hunting looked like this…walk into store, find accessories area.  Take your pick between a black leather glove, a black knit glove, a brown leather glove or a knit camel glove.  Pay for your selection.

Times have certainly changed and there are now countless options for winter accessories.  Wearing a cool winter hat or adorable mittens is such a fun way to show your personality even when the rest of you is bundled up tightly.  We like to think of it as a peekaboo nod to your personal style. Because there are so many amazing choices out there, we wanted to create a widget with our favorite hat, glove and mitten picks for the winter.  Just click on the images below to shop each item!

Stay warm and safe this weekend!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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