A blonde and a brunette

The two of us have always taken our own pictures for the blog, with the exception of a few times when one of us was traveling and we needed content.  Typically, in that situation, we enlist the help of a family member.  Luckily, we both thoroughly enjoy photography and understand just enough to take decent pictures…but that wasn’t always the case.  Waiting for the perfect light, finding the right angle, then figuring out the right aperture…it’s definitely not easy to take good pictures.  When we first started our blog, we tried to continue learning about photography on our own.  After a few months, it became clear that in order to improve the quality of our images, we would need help.  We asked our friend, Cat, of Cat Wilborne Photography, to teach us a few things.  She was sweet (and patient) enough to handle a multitude of questions and to guide us as we entered the blogging world.  Our session with her proved very helpful (although we are still far from categorizing ourselves as professionals).

We had always wanted to do a fun photo shoot together, so when Cat was nice enough to offer to help us out AGAIN, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.  We came across these adorable “Blonde” and “Brunette” sweatshirts by, Brunette the Label, awhile ago and knew we wanted to incorporate them into a shoot.  How stinking cute, right?  (Yep, they also have a “redhead” one too!)

As far as location was concerned, it was quickly decided that we would utilize the amazing backdrops of downtown Raleigh.  There are so many fun places to shoot in the Warehouse District so that’s the specific area that we settled on.

Next up, figuring out how to style our sweatshirts.  While the two of us own a lot of the same exact pieces of clothing, it is always fun to see how the other person styles them.  It’s interesting because our personal styles are similar at the core, meaning we are drawn to the same individual pieces, but we like to wear them differently.

You could obviously dress these down with jeans and sneakers, but we thought it would be fun to dress them up a little.

Tiffany’s Look  “When we first saw these sweatshirts, I immediately thought that I would pair mine with a tulle skirt and Superstars for a fun casual chic look.  Once I received my sweatshirt and actually tried it on with my gray tulle skirt, I wasn’t loving the look.  Plus, I wasn’t convinced that it was the right look for a downtown shoot.  Lindsey and I decided to meet up at Nordstrom to see what we could coordinate.  I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but was completely drawn to this metallic pleated skirt.  It’s actually the only thing I purchased during our trip to the mall.  I was putting all of my faith into this one skirt.  Luckily, it was super cute with the sweatshirt and felt more styled for a downtown shoot.”

Lindsey’s Look  “I had zero idea how I was going to style my ‘Brunette’ sweatshirt.  Originally, I had planned to wear faux leather leggings but finding a pair that fit well didn’t pan out.  During Tiffany’s and my trip to Nordstrom, Topshop’s cool sparkly dresses kept calling my name so I grabbed one in hopes that it might look cool layered under the sweatshirt.  Our local Nordies rarely has my size in Topshop and this time proved to be no exception.  I fell hard for this particular gold and black dress but knew it was unlikely that it would fit as I grabbed a size far smaller than my usual.  A few minutes later, we both spotted a cute moto skirt so I purchased that as a more likely option.  Once home, I tried on the dress.  No joke, I laughed hysterically.  As in, tears in my eyes hysterically.  I looked like a Glow Worm as the far-too-tight shimmering fabric appeared to be painted on all my rolls.  It wasn’t pretty…but I loved the high neck of the dress and the sparkly sleeves so I threw on the sweatshirt over top.  Then, I tucked the boot of the dress under and put on the moto skirt.  Basically, I turned the dress into a top.  Finally, I rolled up the sleeves of the sweatshirt to expose the pretty sleeves and threw on a statement necklace to accentuate the pretty collar of the dress.”

We are absolutely thrilled with how these photos turned out.  A MASSIVE thank you to Cat for taking the time to help us out!
















As always, thank you all for your continued support.

We cannot express how much we appreciate your love during our blogging journey!



Tiffany & Lindsey

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