Organizing Your Fridge with Fridge Coasters

Several years back, I stumbled across a product that has become a staple in our home.  If you love organizing and love the feeling of a tidy home, then you just might need this product.  Fridge Coasters are liners for your refrigerators.  They fit on the shelves, in the drawers, and even in the bins on the door.  You might be wondering, what purpose do they serve?  These liners absorb spills, leaks and drips from food and drink items in the fridge.  You know those pesky rings around the bottom of drinks or the drips around the base of your honey mustard dressing?  They are absorbed by the coasters.  No more need to spend hours cleaning your fridge and while painstakingly trying to get into the grooves where you notice something had been leaking unbeknownst to you.  Simply pull out the coasters, toss them in a compost bin (as they are 100% biodegradable) and put your next batch of coasters in the fridge.

When did I begin using this product?  We began using Fridge Coasters while living in our last home.  When we moved to our current house and purchased a new fridge, I made sure to order a new pack of coasters.  I knew that the only way for us to keep that hefty purchase looking sparkling and new was to have the help of my favorite little coasters.  Honestly, our fridge is pretty spotless on the inside thanks to this product.

Why did I initially order this product?  Prior to finding this product, I used Press and Seal to cover our top shelf, which is home for milk and other drinks.  While it was  functional, after a week or so, it would begin to loosen and became more of a hassle than a solution.  The Fridge Coasters stay in place and your food and drinks do not slip at all because of the material.  They are made from wood pulp and are not effected by moisture.  In fact, they absorb the moisture so that mold is far less likely to grow inside you fridge.  Plus, they add a bit of fun to the inside of the fridge as they are available in several color and design options.

How often do I change the coasters?  Personally, a good clean-out of the fridge twice a year is mandatory.  Checking expiration dates is something I love to do.  Seriously. (If I were texting, I would insert the wide-eyed embarrassed emoji here.)  Each time the fridge is cleaned out, the Fridge Coasters are replaced.  Bottom line, I buy two sets each year.

Here are some pictures of the coasters and how they look in our fridge.  Let’s e real here, this was immediately following my bi-annual fridge clean-out.  While I wish it did, our fridge definitely does not stay this neat.









I typically have leftover coasters that I can either save to use at a later date or try to find an alternative use for them.  I use one spare coaster in our tiny cabinet where we keep our toaster.  It is helpful because those SUPER ANNOYING little toast crumbs fall on that rather than in the cabinet.  All I have to do is periodically pull out the coaster and brush it off.  No trying to clean out the base of the cabinet!


Below is a picture of how the coasters look before you fill your fridge back up with everything.  Each coaster comes with perforated edges for customizable sizing  to help them fit in your fridge.  Also, they provide guidance on the website to help you select the pack of coasters that will fit best in your style of fridge.


I highly recommend checking out this product.  I hope to share some other favorite organizational tools as I continue to move through Project Organization.  If you follow us on social media, you are probably sick of hearing me use that term.  If you don’t follow us and want to be irritated by my nasal voice, please do!  (Instagram: baublesandbackdrops | Snapchat: baublesbackdrop)

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!



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