Ryan’s First Snow Day

Typically, here in Raleigh we experience snow just two or three times each winter.  The first snow began to fall yesterday but we were also slammed with freezing rain for several hours.  Because of the ice everywhere, I decided to wait to bring Ryan outside to experience snow for the first time.  Although, he tried to open all doors ALL DAY LONG in an attempt to make an escape.  He was so anxious to get out there and try to figure it all out.  Then today he had his little face pressed up against the windows as he watched the neighborhood kids playing.  I told him that as soon as his dad came home we would head outside.

David walked into the house and we bundled up Ryan in his little snowsuit.  It dawned on me that he doesn’t have any sort of snow boots or rain boots so I threw on a pair of hightop Vans and had a little giggle.  Oh well, they worked!

Admittedly, we weren’t outside very long…at most, half an hour.  Ryan seemed to enjoy being outside once he got the hang of walking on the snowy grass but once I noticed his lips turning blue it was time to head back inside.

Hopefully, we will finally be able to head to his cousins’ house down the street tomorrow and play with them.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekends!




David jumped on the sled and somehow landed perfectly posed…







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