Ryan’s First “Haircut”

My mom and I took Ryan to have his hair trimmed the other day.  I used the word trimmed because, let’s fact it, the little guy barely has any hair.  The hair that he does have decided to grow itself into a nice little tail and mini mohawk.  My stylist, Candice (owner of Garnish Studio), has also become a good friend of mine so I knew that she would be the perfect person to make Ryan feel comfortable.

I knew that this wasn’t his “big haircut” that would transform his appearance from a baby into a big boy (seeing as she only was trimming two little areas) so I was aware that the cut should only take a few minutes.  Despite this, I was a bit nervous as to how Ryan would react.  He is the type of kid who needs to see it all and wants to know everything that is going on around him.   I thought for sure once Candice pulled out the scissors and started cutting, his head would be on a swivel…and it was, but he was so calm.  Candice draped me in a cape and gave Ry his own little Angry Birds one.  She then asked me to sit Ryan in my lap so he felt safe and comfortable.  I think that sitting with me helped him a great deal.

Candice began cutting and Ryan whipped his head around but soon wasn’t as inquisitive.  He would watch in the mirror, look over at his grandma and glance up at Candice once in awhile.  My hope is that by introducing him to the process early on (in a quick little 3 minute spurt) will help him continue to feel comfortable when sitting in that chair.  Fingers crossed!

Ryan hanging with his grandma before his "cut"...

Ryan hanging with his grandma before his “cut”.  (My mom would like to ask that you kindly ignore her roots in this picture. She needs to book her next appointment with Candice too.)

Catching up on his reading at Garnish...

Catching up on his reading at Garnish…

Checking out the situation...

Checking out the situation…

"Ummm...Grandma? Maybe you can stop taking pictures and tell me what's going on here?"

“Ummm…Grandma? Maybe you can stop taking pictures and tell me what’s going on here?”

Hope you all have an incredible weekend!



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