Go-To Products: Hand Soap Sheets

I am a germaphobe.  Admittedly, I teeter on the edge of being unhealthily preoccupied with thoughts of germs.  Door handles?  Deep breath.  Hotel rooms?  Enclosed areas that cause major anxiety.  Don’t even get me started about the comforters and duvet covers.  Airplane bathrooms?  No.  Just no.  It is the way that I am wired and I am okay with that fact.  Because of this, one of my absolute favorite products are hand soap sleeves.

What is a hand soap sleeve?  They are magical little slivers of soap that you can conveniently carry right in your bag.  If a public restroom is out of soap, no need to worry.  You have it covered.  Take one thin sheet of your soap and simply add water.

These sheets are wonderful for us slightly-obsessive individuals to carry daily but they are also a fantastic product to take when traveling.  If you’re heading on a camping trip, these little soap slivers can come in very handy.  They even come in laundry soap slivers so you can wash out your clothes while camping or even in a hotel sink if needed.  I wholeheartedly recommend this product!

Here are a few options…

1. World Market Paper Soap


2. Mountain Warehouse Dry Soap Leaves


3.  You Smell Luxury Paper Soap


 Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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