Obsessing Over Pom Pom Sandals

Happy Thursday, y’all!

I typed that out and immediately thought, “Wait, it IS Thursday, right?”.  I guess I am having one of those weeks when the days are all bleeding together.  Can you please tell me that I am not alone?

Moving on to things more exciting than my mushy mind…let’s talk about my favorite trend.  Typically, I am not a huge trend follower.  I find that once something becomes super popular, I back off.  Not that there is anything wrong with following trends, and sometimes I do, but more often I like to try and figure out what works for me in an effort to remain authentic.  I think that fashion is truly and expression of one’s personality so if a trend doesn’t “feel right” to me, I pass.  That being said, the current trend that I have fallen for is the pom pom sandal.  My first pair recently arrived on my doorstep and I have worn them EVERY SINGLE DAY since.

The vibrant colors prove difficult to resist, not to mention all of the fun embellishments including pom poms, laces, embroidery, etc.  There are a ton of options available and each one is so different from the next.  I wanted to share my absolute favorites with you all!  Click on the individual pics for details or to shop the sandals!



Victoria Beckham for Target

Who has shopped the Victoria Beckham line at Target?!  I am raising my hand.  I actually set my alarm to get up the day it launched to ensure that I was able to get what I wanted from the collection.  Typically, when Target carries a limited edition designer collection, it sells out within hours, but it appears they planned for this line to be around until end of April.

I purchased several items for myself, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece and goddaughter; the little girls clothes are so stinking cute!   One of the items I purchased for myself is this adorable striped dress…its only sold in stores, but there are many other options online here.

Make sure to go check it out online or at your local Target!

Happy shopping,


Blush Everything

Good morning, everyone!

The two of us have been crushing on the color blush recently.  We didn’t even realize it until we were looking over pictures one day and noticed how many blush pieces we have both purchased over the last couple of months.  It’s such a gorgeous color and it really hot for both spring and summer.  We wanted to share some of our favorite blush pieces with you all!


Tiffany & Lindsey