Pieces for Baby Girl’s Closet

Happy start to the week, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

David has been out of town for the last week so Ryan and I spent a ton of amazing quality time together.  On Friday night, we had my nieces (ages 6 and 9) spend the night…making Ryan’s life complete.  He is completely obsessed with those girls and they are so sweet to him and so maternal.  At one point while the three kids were playing and I said, “Okay, Alex and Cam.  You seem to have this covered so I’ll be back in a few hours.”   They both whipped their heads around and responded, “Really?!”

My mom ended up coming over to help so the night went pretty darn perfectly.  I am always surprised that Ryan is so willing to go right up for bath and bedtime when the girls are here.  He never resists or tries to delay bedtime, even when he knows that other people are still awake in the house.  I guess being a cuckoo-crazy schedule-obsessed mom has its’ benefits.

The following day, I was able to spend a bit of time in the future nursery.  Our friends at California Closets are coming out this week to measure for an organization system in her little walk-in.  I did this with Ry’s closet before he was born and it helped me feel unbelievably prepared and organized when he arrived…and it continues to do so.  Cute little rompers, moccasins and stuffed animals have been slowly making their way into the room but we have zero furniture for her yet and no closet set up so everything is laying in disorganized piles on the floor.  It’s making me insane!  It’s crunch time and I really need to start feeling more prepared for her arrival.

Speaking of adorable little things…I wanted to share some of the pieces that I have purchased for this little one.  You’ll see that I am all over the place when it comes to style for her and I was the same way with Ryan.  Initially, I saw myself dressing her in very little pink but now I’ve fallen for beautiful blush tones.  I also didn’t think that she would have any florals in her little wardrobe but I keep finding sweet little bohemian style ropers and dresses and they are too cute to resist.  Because I tend not to dress super “girly”  in general, I imagined that she wouldn’t either.  That’s not to say that I am not equally as excited to dress her in Ryan’s black or gray hand me downs and throw little black Converse on her feet.  With Ryan, it took me a while before I finally settled on more of a style (which sounds incredibly silly, I realize) and it was eventually based on his personality.  I’m sure the same thing will happen with this little monkey as well.

Here are some of the pieces that I have found for baby girl…most of them were found at Nordstrom, Target and H&M.  It’s so nice because these stores offer such different price points.














Kannon’s Clothing

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s blog is all about Kannon’s Clothing, a local boutique here in Raleigh, NC.  Kannon’s Clothing is a family-owned clothier for men and women that combines high-quality apparel and impeccable service for North Carolinians since 1916.  Yes, they have been dressing Raleigh residents for over a 100 years!   When a store has been around that long, you know that there is a reason…in this case, there are several reasons.  Kannon’s award-winning customer service has helped them earn exceptional customer loyalty for generations.  The extensive selection of high quality clothing also makes it clear why they have remained so successful throughout the years.

If you are in the area, we highly encourage you to stop in and check out all the beautiful things that Kannon’s has to offer.  Their selection ranges from casual pieces to evening wear and their accessory collection will not disappoint.

Plus, we are going to do a gift card giveaway to once lucky follower.  Keep an eye on our Instagram account for more details!

We had a wonderful time perusing their racks recently.  Our goal was to put together several transition looks.  This was easy to accomplish because of all of the amazing options in store.  In fact, we ended up having so many looks that we needed to put our heads together and select our absolute favorites.  Here are a few of the looks we styled that will transition well once the cooler temperatures emerge.  All of these items can be found in Kannon’s today, so stop by and enjoy the “Kannon’s Experience” in Cameron Village.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Tiffany & Lindsey





White Off the Shoulder Tops

…and then Monday rolls around again.

Good morning, everyone!  Did the weekend fly by for anyone else?  To be honest, I am not even sure what we did this past couple of days but they were a blur.  The weather has been completely inconsistent here in Raleigh so we did spent quite a bit of time inside with Ryan but I also had a couple of fun social outings as well.  On Friday night, Tiffany and I went out with a couple of our girlfriends for one last Girls’ Night Out before Tiffany leaves us to move back to Charlotte.  As I always tell her, selflessly, I could not be more excited for her to get back to Charlotte.  She moved from Charlotte to Raleigh approximately five years ago so I know that she is thrilled to head home and be close to her family.  Selfishly?  I am obviously beyond sad…but my happiness for her overpowers that feeling.

Okay, moving onto a far less emotional topic before everything finally sinks in…

Let’s talk off the shoulder tops.  Tiffany and I are both obsessed.  They are the perfect way to show a bit of skin without feeling like you are revealing too much.  We both tend to lean towards a bit of a modest way of dressing so it’s a perfect way for us to feel feminine but comfortable.  Personally, I can’t resist a crisp, white off the shoulder top.  There is something about exposing a little bit of sun-kissed shoulder against the bright white that looks so fresh.  Today, I am sharing my favorite white off the shoulder tops!  Simply click on the individual images at the end of the post to shop.

Hoping that you all have an awesome start to the week!