Stitch Fix – Box #2

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week.  Yesterday was a little challenging for me – I think the stress of moving is starting to wear me down.  I’m exhausted.  Everyday feels like Groundhog Day – wake up, work, come home, eat dinner, pack, go to bed and repeat.  Every. Single. Day.  Lord, give me patience.

One thing that makes me smile, is mail days that include my Stitch Fix.  Have any of you tried it?  I’ll be honest, I was very hesitant to have my clothes selected with an algorithm.  How is an algorithm going to select pants that fit my small waist/wide hips or a top that is long enough for my long torso.  Despite my hesitation, I put Stitch Fix to the test and I have been pleasantly surprised.

I have received two boxes so far and of all things to keep from my two fixes, I kept jeans.  My first box wasn’t exactly my style, but there was a pair of navy skinny jeans that fit perfectly. I wear them all the time – mostly to work.  Then my second box was spot-on.  I almost kept the entire box but I forced myself to select only 2 items to keep and this chambray shirt and these perfectly distressed white jeans made the cut.  You can shop these exact jeans by clicking on icons below.

For those of you that don’t know how Stitch Fix works, here’s the deal. You fill out an online style profile, which takes 10 to 15 minutes.  You then select your delivery date.  You will be charged $20 a month but that amount can be applied towards anything you keep from your box.

Once you get your shipment, you try everything on in the comfort of your own home…so much better than a dressing room, right?  You have 3 days to figure out what you want to keep and what you will send back.  You must mail the items you are returning within 3 days – that is important to know.  They do supply a prepaid envelope/box.

For the items you keep, you simply log into your account and check out.  Again the $20 monthly fee will be applied towards your purchase.  And, if you by chance want to keep everything in your box, you will get 25% off your entire order.

I highly recommend giving it a try…what do you have to lose?

Hope you have a great week!





Holiday Gift Ideas – For Him

Is it really December already?  We can’t believe that Thanksgiving is already over and now it’s time to focus on Christmas.  I’m sure you all have gifts to purchase this year, so we thought we would help and give you a few ideas for all those special men in your life.  Whether it’s your dad, husband, brother, son, nephew, grandfather or just a special guy, we are sure one of these gifts would be the perfect surprise for him.


  1. Colorful socks have been popular for awhile now and we are both huge fans of Happy Socks.  Men don’t have many accessories and colorful, playful socks are a great way for them to show their style. You can find these socks at both Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack.
  2. Everyone is into fitness, right?  Ok, well maybe not everyone, but most people are interested in keep track of their weight and calorie intake.  For those men that want to stay on top of their health, we think the Fitbit Flex would be a great gift.  You can find these almost anywhere these days, but Amazon currently has them on sale for $89!
  3. While we are on the topic of fitness…did you know that Nike allows you to customize your own shoe?  How awesome would it be to customize a pair of running shoes with your guy’s favorite sport team colors?!
  4. What guy doesn’t love gadgets?  Every man we know is crazy about their gadgets, so it would be fitting to buy them their very own drone! These toys can get rather pricey, but there are several that fall in the low hundreds.  Just make sure to do your homework and read the reviews.  Best Buy has several good options.
  5. Every woman loves a good subscription box, so why not share the love with our men?  BirchBox offers a man version of their subscription box, which features top-shelf grooming samples, gadgets, bar tools or stylish accessories.  For $20/month, you can give a gift that will keep giving each month.
  6. Everyone should own their wireless headphones.  There are so many options and prices can range up to $300, but Best Buy currently has this pair of Sony headphones in red on sales for $130.
  7. Does your guy ever complain about his button-down shirts being too long to wear untucked?  Well, let us introduce you to UNTUCKit.  They specialize in casual, button-down shirts that are designed to be worn untucked. Most shirts are made long enough to wear tucked in, which can make them too long and our men looking frumpy, if they try to wear untucked. We think this is a genius idea!!
  8. For the men that like to have ‘a cold one’, gifting a membership to a beer club may just win them over.  There are many choices when looking for a beer club to join, however we liked the options that The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club had to offer.
  9. If you favorite guy lives in a part of the world that experiences any cold weather, we highly suggest investing in a North Face coat for him. This jacket provides warmth in cold, wet weather and it we really like the quilted design.  Your man could easily wear this out for date night or our running errands during the day.
  10. Finally, what man doesn’t need a good watch.  It’s one of the few accessories they have, so spoil him with a piece of jewelry that will last him for years to come.  Nordstrom has many options for men, but this Boss Leather Strap Watch caught our eye.

Hopefully, our list helped you check off a few men that were on your list or at least gave you an idea of something to buy for him. We will share gift ideas for those special ladies soon.

Happy Shopping!


Tiffany & Lindsey