Chic & Comfy Slouchy Tunic

Good morning, everyone!

Hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones and that you completely indulged and devoured loads of delicious food.  As I mentioned previously, we host both of our families each year and this year was no different.  Although, I must admit that having a six week old baby made things a touch more chaotic.  Thankfully, my in-laws stay with us the night before as well so having extra hands was hugely helpful when it came to the kiddos.  Heck, I was able to do a “full get ready” on Thanksgiving Day.  That alone is a win in my book.

On Thanksgiving, we all value comfort so nobody dresses up too much.  Our parents definitely are the most dressy and us “kids” tend to wear jeans and sweaters or nice tops.  This year, I opted for this amazing tunic sweater.  It is remarkable comfortable and is really more like a hybrid between a sweater and a sweatshirt.  The material is a heavy knit which will definitely help keep you warm during the winter months.  Personally, I am loving the thicker material because it helps camoflauge my post-baby middle area.  Heavier weight tops paired with high-waisted jeans are essential right now.  This tunic also has a mock neck and even that is slouchy and unstructured.  So cute. This particular tunic comes in four colors including jade (pictured here), white, black and mink.  Let’s talk high-waisted jeans for a minute…if you feel at all uncomfortable with your tummy and love handle area like I do, they are a phenomenal option.  I tend to look for a 10-inch inseam which helps to keep all my “mush” contained.  This black pair is pretty much my idea of jean perfection.  The extra high waist, the long narrow legs and the perfect holes in the knees.  Anyone else a total sucker for distressed jeans?  I have linked the sweater from two different places because they each offer different color options.  (For reference, I always size down when purchasing Free People items.)

You can shop the look below by clicking on individual images…






Denim and Denim

Good morning from L.A.!  Although, you wouldn’t know that we are in California based on the weather that we have been experiencing.  It has been cool and rainy almost every day since we arrived.  I am completely fine with the cooler weather, in fact, I prefer it but the rain has really put a damper on our plans…(not to mention causing an 18 hour power outage).  We were really looking forward to doing a lot of fun things outdoors with Ryan.  Thankfully, my friends have been happy to bring their little ones’ over to my parents’ place and we have spent fun afternoons taking it easy together.  On Sunday, there was break in the rain and Ryan and I headed to The Americana in Glendale to meet up with friends.  We shopped for a bit and then headed to our go-to Italian restaurant.  On Monday, we met friends at the zoo and Ryan had the coolest opportunity…he fed a giraffe!  I asked him if he wanted to feed it and he said yes so we headed over.  Despite his quick answer, I wasn’t sure that he would actually want to continue once we came closer to the massive animal.  Well, my little buddy walked right up to the woman handing out the leaves, grabbed them and fed the darn giraffe.  I was so surprised and so proud of him.  While he is a low-key, somewhat shy kid, he is also so incredibly brave.  Fingers crossed that the rain will pass because we have plans to head to the zoo again once David comes into town.

Tiffany and I went out last week before my trip and the weather was gorgeous.  It was a sunny but breezy day so I pulled out my favorite denim vest and a new bohemian style blouse.  I had a different pair of shoes in mind but before leaving the house, I grabbed my new pink velvet boots.  While I completely understand that some people will love them and others will see them as hideous, personally, I am smitten.  The  Taggart boots are one of my favorite style of booties.  I have a few pairs and they are some of my most-worn shoes so these were the perfect addition to that little collection.  I finished the look with a simple gray fabric choker.


Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!



Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

You may have noticed that a great pair of ripped denim is my absolute favorite thing to wear.  I am always hunting for a great pair yet always seem to go right back to my AG pairs.  Tiffany and I each have a couple of pairs of their boyfriend style jean and wear them constantly.  Because I wear the heck out of them, both of my pairs have seen better days so I was thrilled to find this pair for less than $90!  The placement of the rips is on point and the higher waist is MUCH appreciated.  I am really into lighter washes lately so this particular pair caught my eye.  My favorite part about these boyfriend jeans is that they are long enough to roll up at the bottom.  I think a simple little roll at the bottom adds the perfect amount of interest to a great pair of denim.  As far as fit goes, I am currently in between sizes so I sized up with this pair.  The fit is great.  If you are looking for a new pair of denim and are hoping for a higher waist and a comfortable fit, this just might be the perfect pair!