This Year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, everyone!

How on earth we have arrived at the very end of 2017 is beyond me but I look forward to tomorrow all year long.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There is something about quality time with family, the gorgeous foliage outside transitioning to fall colors and of course, the amazing feast that awaits.  We are lucky enough to be able to host both of our families each year which definitely helps create a truly special atmosphere for David, the kids and myself.  We have everything down to a science after several years of celebrating together in our home.  Each family member has their roll…whether that be whipping up traditional favorites or entertaining the kids.  It’s great because it allows for the day to run fairly seamlessly.  Speaking of food, the dish that I look most forward to the entire year?  My mom’s stuffing.  Despite the fact that she and I make it together each year, I will always consider it “her” recipe.  We make it from scratch by toasting what seems like 895 slices of bread.  Because I don’t eat red meat, we always create a separate little container free of sausage.  Okay, so “little” is not the appropriate word.  I make a MASSIVE amount for myself because I love to indulge for several days afterwards.  What is the dish that you most look forward to each Thanksgiving?

One of my favorite parts of hosting Thanksgiving each year is the opportunity to create the tablescape.  I try my best to switch it up a bit each year using the same main elements but incorportating some new decorative details.  It’s a great way to make the table feel different but not spend a fortune doing so.  At this point, I have several items packed up that I can bring out and just put them together differently than I have previously.  I always use our Pottery Barn dishes and silverware that we received when David and I were married.  This year, I opted to order some faux lamb’s ear to add some greenery to the table in lieu of the pinecones that I typically spread out along the table.  A friend of mine owns an adorable boutique, Molly + Kate, located near Buffalo, New York.  She posted a picture on her shop’s Instagram account of adorable little concrete pears and amazing melamine chargers that look like wood.  They “had to” become part of our Thanksgiving table so she shipped them down to me and, honestly, they helped create my favorite table yet.

Here are some images of our dining room and the final tablescape…

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Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Thanksgiving!  As always, I am so incredibly thankful for all of you!






Our Home During the Holidays

Ever since David and I purchased our first home together, I have looked so forward to decorating for the holidays.  Each year, I add a couple of new decorative elements or try to make something new (usually via Pinterest) to add to the Christmas spirit in our home.  This year, we knew that we were expecting a baby with the due date of December 9th so we decided to put up our tree just before Thanksgiving.  I wish that we could keep it up all year round!  We then started decorating little by little in an attempt to tackle most of it before the arrival of our little guy.  I also wanted to make it as special as possible seeing as it would be our first Christmas celebrating as parents.  There were a few things that we decided to let fall by the wayside, like the lit garland on our front staircase, but we did our best before our son, Ryan, arrived on December 3rd.  Here are some photos of our decorations this year…


I bought these cute tree elves from Frontgate last year and now our tree wouldn't feel complete without them.

I bought these cute tree elves from Frontgate last year and now our tree wouldn’t feel complete without them.

DSC_0297 I was really happy with Target’s Christmas wrapping selection this year.  They had a whole end-cap dedicated to the line, Paperchase, and I LOVE their products.  I used most of their wrap last year as well.  DSC_0301 I am slightly obsessed with twine and tend to use it on most of the gifts that I wrap.  It’s an inexpensive way to add a bit of interest to a present.  I also like to make a stamped tag or add pinecones or other decorative elements to the packages.  DSC_0315I featured this idea on our Instagram account…such an easy way to add to your holiday decor.  I purchased burlap ribbon and faux foliage from Michael’s.  I  simply tied a piece of the ribbon around the back of each chair and tied a knot.  Then, I place a piece of holiday/winter foliage behind the knot.  It only takes a matter of seconds but I think that it makes a nice impact.  DSC_0289 We have a wooden deer head over our living room (ahem, now playroom) fireplace. When I purchased it, I jokingly told my Virginia-boy husband, David, that it was a compromise and would be the closest we would ever come to having a real one.  (Okay, so I really wasn’t joking.)  A couple of year’s ago, David had the idea to put a battery-operated red nose on the deer in order to entertain our nieces.  It is now a tradition to create Rudolph over the mantel.  This year, I added a sweet NOEL sign that I purchased from Target.

DSC_0295 We have a large dough bowl in the dining room that we purchased from Pottery Barn.  It is usually empty but a friend of mine (who is an interior designer) gave me the idea of filling it with pinecones for the holidays.

DSC_0286 One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving cards from family and friends.  I have never been able to figure out what to do with them and cannot stand the thought of putting them away.  This year, I copied an idea that I saw on Pinterest (surprise, surprise).  It featured two pieces of large, weighty ribbon, taped to the top of a door.  I used our pantry door and then glued the cards onto the ribbon so that the cards were displayed.  I love the way it turned out!

DSC_0306 DSC_0291

 We always have candies and treats in these glass jars in our kitchen.  I think it is nice for guests…and dangerous for us.  During the various holidays throughout the year, we like to fill the jars with appropriately-themed treats.

DSC_0313 We purchased an  ornament with the intitial “R” for our baby boy, Ryan.  We bought it before he was born but waited until the night we brought him home to place it on the tree.

DSC_0299 I ordered these stockings from Restoration Hardware.  David and I had quite the journey to parenthood so the names on the stockings were deeply symbolic and important to us.  DSC_0283Obviously, this was the best part of our Christmas…



Now that Christmas is over, I know that the decorations should start coming down but I cannot bring myself to begin the process just yet.  I would like them to remain just a little bit longer…they make the house feel so much cozier and warmer.  Do you agree?

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!