A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

My kid is obsessed with Halloween.  When people hear me say that he has loved the holiday since he was only nine months old, they often respond with, “Ohhh…of course he does because it’s all about candy!”  Nope.  I purchased a few Halloween books just before his first Halloween and he became fixated.  The same books still remain some of his favorites two years later.  Halloween isn’t just focused on come fall, its a year round interest for my little guy.  His excitement for Halloween has nothing to do with the candy.  That’s just a random element that he is aware of but it doesn’t fuel his love.  One key component?  Pumpkins.  Ryan is completely fixated with pumpkins.  Last year, we ended up at that pumpkin patch several times because it proved to be such a rewarding activity for us as a family.  David and I couldn’t wait to recreate that experience again this year!

Our favorite little local pumpkin patch opened this past week so we headed out as soon as we had time.  We love going to Upchurch Farm in Cary, NC.  It’s not overwhelming like some of the massive patches which feel more like  fairs.  There is a corn maze, a corn kernel pit, animals, a jump pad, a straw playground and they offer hayrides.  That is perfect for us at this point in Ryan’s life.

When we told Ryan that we were heading to the pumpkin patch, he began asking us questions non-stop.  (Yep, we have officially entered the bazillion questions a day phase.)  David and I were so psyched that this was just as exciting for Ry as it was last year, if not more.

We started the morning out by heading to the patch to find some pumpkins.  Because Ryan was so much older this year, he was able to more involved.  He selected his own pumpkins and also made solid attempts to help David pull them out of the patch.  He could have walked around all day long.  The only way we were able to pull him away was by telling him that it was almost time for our hay ride.  This proved to be the winning activity of the day.  The fact that my truck-obsessed kid was able to ride in the back while a tractor pulled him was golden.  It really was a pretty magical morning, all in all.

We ended up at the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday to hunt for some white pumpkins.  Ryan had overheard me tell David that I would love a few white pumpkins for our front porch and so he began telling us that he “needed” a white pumpkin.  We got out of the car at the farmer’s market and he spotted the massive amounts of pumpkins and literally began to skip-run.  Thankfully, the trip to the farmer’s marker (aka. no entrance fee) proved to be a far less expensive way to bring some pumpkins home.   This Saturday, we are heading with my family to The Museum of Life & Science in Durham for their annual Pumpkin Patch Express.  Basically, you ride the train there and at the end there are activities…and a makeshift pumpkin patch.  I’m pretty sure that our front steps are going to crack from the weight of all of these pumpkins.

I wish that I could say that the ones from the museum will need to be the last ones that make their way to our house but my nieces have the day off of school next Monday and so will are planning on heading back to Upchurch Farm one final time.  My sister-in-law made me feel better (about the amount of pumpkins we are accumulating) by saying that it’s not like we are going to Target repeatedly and buying toys.  This is such a wonderful activity for Ryan and she reassure me that allowing him to hunt for pumpkins isn’t the same as spoiling him with plastic objects.

Here are some pictures of our time at Unchurch Farm…crazy to believe that we will have two littles in these pictures next fall!

Hope you all have beautiful day!



My Favorite Sweater for Fall

This morning, Ryan and I decided to channel the fall vibes and head out onto our deck in the early hours of the morning.  It is only a matter of hours before the sun is perched high in the sky and the temperatures are well into the 80’s again so being out there while the dew still covered the ground and while the air was still a touch cool was exactly what we both needed this morning.  While we were out there I giggled and thought, “I should wear my new favorite fall sweaters out here from 7am-8am every morning seeing as I won’t be wearing them much any time soon.”

This little venture outside while the sun was rising served two purposes.  The first reason simply being that it felt refreshing and was a nice little escape from our morning routine.  The second?  If you watch our Instastories, you may already know that Ryan has been waking close to 5am for the last two months.  After speaking with our sleep consultant several weeks ago, we made some changes in hopes of getting him back on track.  Well, nothing has helped so after speaking with her again yesterday, she suggested taking Ryan outside around 7am to try and help his circadian rhythm adjust.  Man, I cannot tell you how much I am praying that this works.  I don’t mind waking at 6am, but 5am is just exhausting.  Fingers crossed that these mornings spent outside help!

Who else is anxiously awaiting fall?  This 35 week pregnant lady cannot wait.  Sweaters, scarves, coats…I want them all.  Speaking of sweaters, I recently found this adorable (non-maternity) sweater dress and wanted to share it with you all.  The color is gorgeous and the statement sleeves sealed the deal.  As I mentioned, this is a sweater dress but I opted to style it as a sweater and pair it with jeans.  However, this will definitely be worn as a dress with cute tights and booties as well as paired with faux leather leggings and black over the knee boots once the weather becomes cooler.  There are so many styling options!

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Chambray for Casual Looks


Since we began our blog a few years ago, many things have changed…the quality of our images (thank goodness), our site’s design, the length of our hair and, most importantly, the passion we put into each post.  One thing that hasn’t change over the last several years?  Our mutually shared obsession with chambray.  In fact, when we first started working on Baubles & Backdrops we featured a series entitled, “A Chambray Look Every Day”.  Here’s a flashback to two of our looks we featured…

We remember feeling so awkward in front of the camera back then.  Let’s be honest, neither of us is truly comfortable in front of the camera now so we usually try to just talk and catch up whenever we shoot.  It helps take our mind out of the moment and minimizes how funny we can feel standing on a busy street in front of the camera.

Okay, back to the topic at hand…chambray.  We still wear chambray all the time.  Our favorite way to wear chambray has remained the same.  A simple button-down chambray top still proves irresistible to us.  Because we are thinking about new pieces to help us transition to fall, we wanted to share our current favorite chambray button-downs with you all!

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