Blush and Olive Green

Truthfully, I have ever been much of a “pink girl”.  Even when I was a little girl, other colors were always more appealing.  It’s logical to assume that this was the case because my mom has never worn much pink.  My mom has always had such a cool, easy sense of style and I think that has been something I have always tried to emulate.  She never dressed herself or me in anything very frilly or traditional.  Dresses were for church only (and even then I remember protesting) and they  were often navy, gray or maroon.  The majority of my closet was filled with a variety of colors…but definitely not heavy on pink (or purple for that matter).  Not that my mom and I didn’t like those colors, we just preferred other ones.  Well, move forward many (many, many) years, and clothing pieces in beautiful blush tones are everywhere and I have fallen hard.  I am officially a fan of pink.  There is just such a beautiful softness to these pieces.  My favorite way to wear blush this fall is to pair it with a color that is considered more masculine…olive green.  Pairing blush and olive green together makes for such a pretty combination.  They play off each other perfectly.

I wore this outfit over the weekend while grabbing coffee with a friend and then while out and about with Ryan and David.  The temperature here in Raleigh was close to perfection so it was the perfect opportunity to wear this cardigan as well as my new hat.  This cardigan is insanely soft.  It’s the kind of piece that you want to wrap yourself in all fall and winter long.  The hat?  I am obsessed.  I’ll give warning that it will likely appear on the blog often because it has already become one of my favorite accessories.  It’s great because the band around the center is actually detachable so you can wear it as a plain gray hat if the colors on the band don’t work with your chosen look of the day.

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Blush Everything

Good morning, everyone!

The two of us have been crushing on the color blush recently.  We didn’t even realize it until we were looking over pictures one day and noticed how many blush pieces we have both purchased over the last couple of months.  It’s such a gorgeous color and it really hot for both spring and summer.  We wanted to share some of our favorite blush pieces with you all!


Tiffany & Lindsey