Chic & Comfy Slouchy Tunic

Good morning, everyone!

Hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones and that you completely indulged and devoured loads of delicious food.  As I mentioned previously, we host both of our families each year and this year was no different.  Although, I must admit that having a six week old baby made things a touch more chaotic.  Thankfully, my in-laws stay with us the night before as well so having extra hands was hugely helpful when it came to the kiddos.  Heck, I was able to do a “full get ready” on Thanksgiving Day.  That alone is a win in my book.

On Thanksgiving, we all value comfort so nobody dresses up too much.  Our parents definitely are the most dressy and us “kids” tend to wear jeans and sweaters or nice tops.  This year, I opted for this amazing tunic sweater.  It is remarkable comfortable and is really more like a hybrid between a sweater and a sweatshirt.  The material is a heavy knit which will definitely help keep you warm during the winter months.  Personally, I am loving the thicker material because it helps camoflauge my post-baby middle area.  Heavier weight tops paired with high-waisted jeans are essential right now.  This tunic also has a mock neck and even that is slouchy and unstructured.  So cute. This particular tunic comes in four colors including jade (pictured here), white, black and mink.  Let’s talk high-waisted jeans for a minute…if you feel at all uncomfortable with your tummy and love handle area like I do, they are a phenomenal option.  I tend to look for a 10-inch inseam which helps to keep all my “mush” contained.  This black pair is pretty much my idea of jean perfection.  The extra high waist, the long narrow legs and the perfect holes in the knees.  Anyone else a total sucker for distressed jeans?  I have linked the sweater from two different places because they each offer different color options.  (For reference, I always size down when purchasing Free People items.)

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Black & Cream

Happy Monday, friends!  Fingers crossed that you all have a great start to the week.  In our household, weekends and weekdays have been running together since Emmy’s arrival.  Besides the fact that Ryan goes to preschool a few days each week, there is zero other difference between a Saturday and a Wednesday in our home.  Everyone is adjusting well to being a family of four.  I have to give Ryan a big shoutout.  During my pregnancy, I shed countless tears and spent many hours worrying about how much his little sister’s birth would rock his world.  Well, she has shaken up his world…in the most amazing way possible.  He ADORES his baby sister.  He wants her to be in the same room as him at all times and only likes to refer to her by her full name, Emerson.  It’s the sweetest.  This isn’t to say that issues won’t arrive and that behaviors won’t rear their heads but, for now, his response to her has been pretty close to perfect.

We have been venturing out a little bit recently.  This is such a different experience because when Ryan was born, I refused to take him anywhere until he was three months old and had been vaccinated.  It was also December so cuddling up inside was highly appealing.  We are taking very precaution with Emmy, like only eating outside at a restaurant and keeping her covered up in her bassinet.  It’s just so beautiful outside that we can’t resist.  More importantly, Ryan needs to spend time outdoors and outside the home.  Being out and about makes him unbelievably happy…even if it’s just a run to the grocery store.

Because my body is far from where it was pre-pregnancy, I am trying to put together looks that draws attention away from my soft and round belly.  The easiest way to do this is to 1. Wear black and 2. Wear layers.  When I spotted this amazing cardigan, it was an easy decision to bring it home.  The classic black and cream color scheme drew me in initially but the insane softness won me over.  Plus, it’s a great layering piece that can be worn over a tank in the fall or over a black turtleneck in the colder months for a sophisticated bundled up look.

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Leather and Stripes

Happy Friday, everyone!  Are you looking forward to the weekend?  We have a lot going on here in our household.  David’s birthday is next Tuesday so his parents are driving down (from Virginia) later today to celebrate.  Because they won’t arrive until later in the evening, we are going to keep things simple and just eat at our house.  David still needs to decide what he would like for dinner so I can figure everything out .  He likes to wait until he is hungry to make a decision because otherwise he can’t decide what sounds good.  It makes me laugh and drives me nuts at the same time.

After David’s parents head back home on Sunday, Tiffany and I are working on a few upcoming blog posts and then the five of us (Tiffany, Rudy, David, Ryan and I) will all head over to my brother and sister-in-law’s Super Bowl party.  Everyone around here is going CRAZY because the Panthers have made it to the Super Bowl.  It’s been really fun to see so many people rally together in support of them.  I am a sports fan but am, admittedly, not a big football fan.  Because David is a massive Panthers fan, I am looking forward to the game.  It’s cool to see him so amped up.  (I would imagine that Ryan will grow up to be a Panthers supporter as well so this mom needs to start learning to like football a bit more.)

If you are going to watch the game at a local bar or attend a party at someone’s house, this look is an easy option.  It will help you look stylish without appearing overdone.  Personally, I don’t want to be eating game day snacks and treats dressed up in anything too formal.  Typically, stripes are considered somewhat conservative.  That’s why I love to pair them with an edgier piece…like this moto jacket.  It helps to take stripes from  traditional to modern.  I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans and one of my go-to Vans.  This particular pair is leather and I can’t get enough of them.  Plus, the inside is discreetly lined with leopard.  So cute.


Details- Vest: (old and sold out so here is an almost identical option) Sole Society | Top: Anthropologie | Jeans: Rag and Bone  | Shoes: Vans Bag: Gucci





Wherever you are going this weekend and whatever you are doing, I hope that you have a blast!

(I suppose I should say, “Go Panthers!”)