The Adidas Surge

Okay, while Adidas has never been a brand that has fallen completely out of style, it did seem to fall into the background for many years.  Longtime competitor, Nike, seemed to remain in the forefront, consistently propelled by collaborations with celebrities and athletes alike.  Classics such as Air Jordans and Air Max and old school kicks such as the Cortez have remained priority style purchases within the world of streetwear.  Global lifestyle brands such as Vans and Converse have both experienced ebbs and flows with regards to popularity but have each made a strong comeback in recent years as popularity for a more casual form of fashion grew.  Over the last year, Adidas has now emerged (somewhat seemingly out of nowhere) as an “it” brand.  Pairing up with big names (think Pharrell) and making products that are both cool and functional has proved to be a winning formula for the brand, not to mention some assistance from perfect timing.  People are looking to feel current and edgy but are also placing a strong emphasis on comfort.  Adidas is producing stylish clothing and shoes that offer the best of both worlds.  New clothing pieces have an effortlessly cool vibe and the sneakers offer a fresh take on sportswear meets fashion.  (I have to give a shoutout to my stylish hubby who strongly urged me to purchase a pair of the Ultra Boost.  They are pictured below.  I was absolutely shocked at the amazing fit.  I mean, they are INSANELY comfortable.  Plus, the color is made to resemble Rosé, so there’s that…)

Sharing my favorite Adidas picks below…





Which was your first pair of Adidas?  I wore my black Sambas almost every single day back in elementary school!










Best leggings EVER

We all love the ease and comfort of leggings, right? But often times, they are thin, don’t hold things in place and show every imperfection. At least, that is my opinion.

A few months ago Spanx released several new leggings that caught my eye. Spanx has made a great name for their products, so when I first saw the Faux Leather leggings, I was super excited. Finally, leggings that would provide the support I need! I made my way to Nordstrom only to find that they were priced at $98. WHOA, I was not expecting that. I was thinking they would be $65 to $75, but almost a hundred dollars was a shock for me and resulted in me leaving the leggings hanging right where I found them.

I was so bummed to leave without the leggings that day, but I kept thinking about them. I continued to check if they were on sale, but no such luck. Then, I decided to try them on during a recent visit to Nordstrom. I was truly hoping they were not as cute on as I thought they would be, but they were just as comfortable as I had imagined. Plus, they hid every imperfection and I felt extremely confident.

I knew in that moment, they were worth the splurge. I’m so excited that I finally invested in these leggings and I’m looking forward to rocking them during several upcoming trips.

For this look I paired with a tunic from The Flourish Market and my Superstars. Super casual. Super Comfortable. Super chic.

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Have a great day!


Casual in Sneakers

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  For those of you not in Raleigh, we had a rather cold weekend.  They were calling for 4-6″ of snow here and while that may not sound like a lot to some, it doesn’t happen very often for us in North Carolina.  I’m not one to get my hopes up when they call for snow because it seems I always get disappointed.  This time was no exception.  Our 4-6″ ended up being more like 2″-3″ with a good bit of sleet/freezing rain included.  So, there wasn’t much “playing” in the snow but it was and still is beautiful.

Before the snow arrived, Lindsey and I met up on Friday to do a quick shoot since we weren’t sure what the roads would be like over the weekend.  I must say, this outfit was much cuter in my mind than it came off on the camera.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

Nonetheless, I wanted to tell you about my new kicks.  Yes, I got another pair of sneakers and I think these are now my favorite.  I love my Superstars but the Gazelle’s are more comfortable and because I opted for the black pair, I don’t have to worry as much about getting them dirty.  Not to mention, the leather has a snakeskin texture!  You can’t tell much in the pictures but that detail adds so much to the already classic shoe.  They are amazing!

I’m sure you all know by now that I am a little bit of a girly girl…or at least, I think I am.  When wearing sneakers, I always look for ways to make my look more feminine.  For this look, I decided to throw on a light grey, patterned vest with faux fur trim around the hood.  I actually love this vest that I purchased at The Limited in November…did you all know that they were going out business?!  If you have a store near by, you MUST go check it out.  The last time I was at the mall everything was 70% off.  I’m not sure if they are still open or how much is still available online, but it’s worth a try.

To complete my look and because it was super cold, I threw on my faux fur scarf and a pink beanie with a a faux fur pom pom.  Can a girl have too much faux fur on?!?  Oh well!

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Have a great week!