Casual Wear

It’s Monday…urgh, not my favorite day of the week, but I had a great weekend with family and friends.  I absolutely love that I can make last minute plans now that I am in Charlotte.  Sunday, we had brunch with some friends then went to a birthday party, so I wanted to wear something comfortable for the party but also a little dressy for brunch.

Luckily, I had purchased this silk bell-sleeve top from J.Crew Factory several weeks ago and it was the perfect top to pair with jeans for a dressy casual look.  The top is available in 4 different colors and is under $50, but you can get an additional 35% off by using JUSTINTIME code through the end of the day.

Since I was going to a kid’s birthday party, I opted for flats and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that these leopard flats are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES EVER.   They are right under $90, but they are totally worth it…trust me, you will love these shoes!

Well, I’m off to my day job, but I hope you all have a great week. Rudy and I are headed to Asheville on Wednesday…what are you up to this week?

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An Essential Fall Item | A Duster Cardigan

Hi, friends!

Hoping that you all are having wonderful week so far.  For me, days are blurring together ever since Emerson’s arrival but I am hoping that we will have found our new normal a few weeks from now.  Several friends have said that once you hit the three month mark post-second baby that things have generally settled into place so fingers crossed that will be the case although that seems so far away.   We are definitely floundering a bit but David and I are so fortunate to have supportive families who are helping us out a great deal.  Not to mention the fact that David is doing anything and everything he can to help out.  Whether that means taking Ryan to and from school, taking over a night feed because I can’t keep my eyes open or simply having a cup of coffee brewing for me in the morning, he is constantly anticipating what Ryan, Emmy and I might need.  I had a c-section so I’m a bit limited for another three weeks.  I mentioned on social media recently that the physical healing is not the difficult part, it’s the fact that picking Ryan up is not allowed for six whole weeks.  He is constantly asking me if I am feeling better and if I can lift him yet.  My heart aches every single time he utters those words.  Thankfully, as long as someone else places him in my lap or if he climbs up himself, we can spend much-needed snuggle time together.  He’s just been so incredible during this major transition so it’s important to both David and myself to make sure that he is receiving loads of quality attention right now.

The good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.  I have passed the halfway point and we are starting to get out and about as a family of four…granted we have yet to leave the house as a foursome at decent hour but we’ll get there.  We will get there, right?!  One of my go-to post-pregnancy looks consists of a cardigan, a layering tunic and some cute booties.  This particular one is a personal favorite because of the length.  The fact that it hits well below the knee makes it a bit different than the other cardigans.  Technically, because of the length, it is a duster cardigan.  The great thing about dusters is that they create a great line for your body.  Because they add length to your figure, they are instantly slimming.  Many dusters have a tie around the waist which adds a nice bit of detail but if you’re like me, tying that baby only accentuates your hips.  The design of this one has a tie-back detail but it is actually built into the fabric.  It doesn’t actually need to be tied and it doesn’t hang down…just adds some aesthetic detail.  This green is almost sold out but there are three additional color options available!  (I have linked everything at the end of the post.)




Wishing you a fantastic day today and an even better weekend…only one day away!





Perfect Turtleneck Sweater

Hey friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Here in Charlotte, the weather was perfect and I was actually able to wear a sweater on Sunday.  I’ve been anxiously waiting for the weather to cool down enough to wear this beautiful turtleneck sweater from StyleWe.  When I received this sweater in the mail, I was amazed at how soft and luxurious it felt.  I even said something to my husband about it and made him feel how soft it was…he thinks I’m crazy, as usual.

Come to find out, this sweater is made from a Cashmere blend, which explains the softness, but don’t worry – this piece will not break the bank.  It’s less than $100, which isn’t bad considering you could wear during Fall and Winter.  I wore a long tank under my sweater yesterday, but I can easily layer with a thicker, long-sleeve shirt and wear during Winter.

I was torn on how to style this for you guys, because you could really dress it up for a holiday party or keep it casual for a night out or even a family gathering.  I chose to pair my sweater with ripped jeans and over-the-knee boots. I personally, love this look.  You know when you put something on and you just feel like yourself?  Well, this outfit does it for me.  I don’t wear red often, but I know that this will be a go-to throughout the holiday season.

You can shop my look by clicking on icons below.  BTW – this sweater comes in grey as well.


Hope you all have a wonderful week!