Cooler Weather is Finally Making an Appearance

My favorite time of the year is fall.  I love the feeling of crisp air hitting my face, the beauty of the foliage, and the flexibility to wear layers.  Seeing as I am approaching the eighth month of pregnancy and have put on weight all over, I am especially looking forward to being able to add layers and bundle up.  For me, the cooler temperatures allow for more creativity when it comes to selecting an outfit.  Ironically, this usually results in a quicker, easier getting ready process.

Here is a comfortable outfit (only the jeans are maternity) that it great for the transition into fall…

I purchased this particular necklace a few weeks ago and have been pleasantly surprised by how many times I have been able to wear it so far.  It is one of those surprisingly versatile pieces that seems to go with almost any color.  Unfortunately, I cannot find it online which leads me to believe it is only available in Anthropologie stores.

Necklace: Anthropologie

Necklace: Anthropologie

These booties are my favorite purchase for fall.  I absolutely love the neutral color…and they are very comfortable because the wedge heel is not too high.  I am a firm believer that if you are going to spend a significant money on a item, make sure that you LOVE it and that you can foresee yourself getting tons and tons of use out of it for many years to come.  These booties are great for fall, winter and will transition beautifully into spring.

Hope that you all are enjoying the journey into fall as much as I am!  Stay tuned this week for Tiffany’s style post featuring her stunning new neutral handbag!




Calling All Coats

We are both anxiously waiting for the weather to cool off a tad more, so that we can start layering with coats.

Yes, their purpose is to provide warmth, but let’s be honest, they are sometimes the piece of clothing that ‘makes’ an outfit.  And we would be lying if we haven’t considered wearing some coats as dresses.

Here are a few of coats that we love.

This classic, straight-cut coat by Ralph Lauren is divine.  The faux leather buckles on the high collar are a simple addition, yet make a huge statement.  This is one that we would possibly (depending on length) wear as a dress.

 For those fall nights that are a little chilly, but not freezing, this J. Crew quilted, puffer jacket is the perfect addition to your outfit.  It would be perfect paired with skinny jeans, blouse, booties and, of course, a scarf.

A blazer is one of our favorite pieces.  It can add a “wow factor” to the simplistic outfits.  This Cadet Blazer by Madewell has a military flare to it, which would be super cute with jeans, T-Shirt and combat-like boots.

What are some of your favorite coats for this upcoming season?

Happy Monday!


Tiffany & Lindsey

Happy Scarf Weather!

We are SO excited that “scarf weather” has arrived!  We are loving the cooler temps so much that we aren’t even complaining about the rain.


Hope that you all are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as the two of us are right now!

Stay tuned for a post featuring our favorite scarves for fall!


Tiffany & Lindsey