The Coziest Oversized Sweater

Happy Monday, friends!

We host both of our families for Thanksgiving every year so today I will be spending much of my time preparing the house for Thursday.  Fingers crossed that little Miss Emerson understands how important it is that things start getting accomplished.  I was able to finish the tablescape yesterday so today needs to consist of straightening up and organizing.  With the birth of Emerson and then having to spend two days last week in the hospital with the little one, let’s just say that our house has seen better days.  I felt behind on everything even  before she was born so now it feels like I am a bit underwater.  Hopefully, the rooms on the first floor can be tidied up today and I can worry about upstairs later.  To clarify, by “upstairs” I mean put away the piles of laundry and tackle the disaster that is my closet.

Have any of you thought about what you would like to wear on Thanksgiving?  Typically, we all dress fairly casually.  Nobody wears sweats or anything but we do value comfort.  This year, I’ll likely wear a sweater or cardigan paired with skinny jeans.  The oversized sweater that I am wearing in this post is a fantastic option.  The color is perfectly festive for Thanksgiving and the fit is perfect for gorging yourself on delicious food.  This particular sweater also comes in black, cream, blue, bright pink and gold.  After realizing how much I found myself wearing the “Tobacco” color, I ordered the black.  It arrived just a little over a week ago and has already been worn three times.  It’s the perfect option for those days when you want to feel comfy but look put together.  It’s quickly becoming my “I can’t figure out what to wear so I’ll put this on again” piece for the fall and winter.  It is supposed to fit oversized but you could definitely size down and not lose that feel.  Also, I think that this color would look AMAZING paired with leopard shoes or booties.   (Side note: It’s rare that I don’t size down in Free People.)

I’d love to know how you typically dress for Thanksgiving!  Do you dress up or dress down?






Oversized Sweater Dress

I’m elated that it’s finally cool here in Charlotte and I can wear my sweaters, faux leather, boots and all the fun fall layers without overheating.  I actually purchased this sweater dress months ago, but wore it for the first time the other day.  If you are thinking we already blogged this sweater dress, then you are correct…Lindsey actually shared this exact sweater back in September but I thought I would share how I styled it for a night out.

While they are calling this a dress, I styled it with my faux leather pants but you could also pair with leggings or tights; or with jeans like Lindsey did in her post.  As you can see there are countless ways to style this piece, so it is absolutely worth the $75.   While red is the color of Christmas, I will be wearing this to one of our holiday dinners with friends and family.  If pink is not your color, it comes in grey too!

Speaking of the holidays – how is Thanksgiving next week?  November has gone by so fast and I have so much to do before I host a family lunch at our house on the 25th.  I know many of you may be against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I will admit I’m one of those who can’t wait.  Rudy and I both LOVE Christmas and we want to enjoy our decorations as long as possible, so I plan to start decorating this week.  Please, no judgement (wink, wink).

When do you all decorate for Christmas?





Chenille Butterscotch Sweater

FALL WEATHER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN RALEIGH!  Yes, that sentence certainly deserved all capital letters.  I have been (completely impatiently) waiting for the temperature to drop.  Fall is my favorite time of year so now I just am keeping my fingers crossed that winter remains at a distance for awhile so we can enjoy this amazing weather.

Admittedly, I have not been able to get fully ready every day recently.  Emerson has been experiencing reflux and let’s just say that she has been quite “spirited”.  That’s the adjective that I am using to describe her as opposed to something less positive…(visually insert teeth-gritting emoji here).  She will have a few decent days and then all of a sudden have a day or two when she cries in pain constantly and just wants to be held.  Needless to say, it makes any kind of routine impossible.  The tough part about it isn’t the lack or routine, it’s the feeling of helplessness.  We want so badly to take away her pain.  For now, we will ride it out and just pray that it subsides as she gets older.

Although I wasn’t ready until the early afternoon yesterday, I did manage to get out of the house with my hair and makeup done.  It was a bit of a gloomy day anyway so the need to spend a ton of time on my hair didn’t seem too necessary so I was able to throw some curls in and call it done.  The air was a bit crisp so I was thrilled to wear my new tunic length sweater.  This butterscotch color called out to me in the store as it seemed the perfect color for fall.  It reminds me of the season’s changing leaves.  The chenille material is incredible soft and cozy and I love the rounded hemline detail.  Although this sweater is meant to appear a little oversized, it doesn’t feel bulky at all.  I have larger chest so wearing sweaters can difficult because they just make me look top heavy.  That isn’t the case with this one in the slightest.  It is such a gorgeous piece for fall!

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What are your favorite colors to wear this fall?