Booties for fall

It’s officially fall and we are ready for cardigans, scarves, hats and booties! We both have a special love for boots and are ecstatic that block heel boots are trending for this fall.  While it’s good to have a good neutral pair to wear, there are countless options in colors, metallics, fabrics and textures.

Now if we could just get NC weather to drop below 80s, we would be ready to wear our fall clothes!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Tiffany & Lindsey

My Favorite Sweater for Fall

This morning, Ryan and I decided to channel the fall vibes and head out onto our deck in the early hours of the morning.  It is only a matter of hours before the sun is perched high in the sky and the temperatures are well into the 80’s again so being out there while the dew still covered the ground and while the air was still a touch cool was exactly what we both needed this morning.  While we were out there I giggled and thought, “I should wear my new favorite fall sweaters out here from 7am-8am every morning seeing as I won’t be wearing them much any time soon.”

This little venture outside while the sun was rising served two purposes.  The first reason simply being that it felt refreshing and was a nice little escape from our morning routine.  The second?  If you watch our Instastories, you may already know that Ryan has been waking close to 5am for the last two months.  After speaking with our sleep consultant several weeks ago, we made some changes in hopes of getting him back on track.  Well, nothing has helped so after speaking with her again yesterday, she suggested taking Ryan outside around 7am to try and help his circadian rhythm adjust.  Man, I cannot tell you how much I am praying that this works.  I don’t mind waking at 6am, but 5am is just exhausting.  Fingers crossed that these mornings spent outside help!

Who else is anxiously awaiting fall?  This 35 week pregnant lady cannot wait.  Sweaters, scarves, coats…I want them all.  Speaking of sweaters, I recently found this adorable (non-maternity) sweater dress and wanted to share it with you all.  The color is gorgeous and the statement sleeves sealed the deal.  As I mentioned, this is a sweater dress but I opted to style it as a sweater and pair it with jeans.  However, this will definitely be worn as a dress with cute tights and booties as well as paired with faux leather leggings and black over the knee boots once the weather becomes cooler.  There are so many styling options!

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Cold Shoulder Sweatshirts

Happy Monday from the West Coast!  While I’m not officially on vacation, the fact that I haven’t unpacked one single box in a week has made it feel like a vacation.  I’m out in CA staying with my mother-in-law while my sister-in-law is on a trip.  My MIL broke her foot in July and while she is doing much better, she is still in a boot and not able to get around that well.  Luckily, I am able to work from anywhere so I came out to stay with her for the week.  I think I’ve expressed how much I love being with MIL before, but just to reiterate, I ADORE her to pieces.  I would happily come stay every month OR have her come stay with us every month.

Anyways, I always love coming out because you can’t ask for better weather.  The days are warm, but not too hot (not the case just a few weeks ago) and the nights cool off enough that you can open the windows.  There’s nothing better than fresh air in the house, right?  Regardless of when I come to visit, I always pack several sweatshirts.  I actually picked up this cold shoulder sweatshirt before my trip and love the cutout detail on the sleeves.

Seeing that falls is around the corner, I’m sharing some of my favorite cold shoulder sweatshirts.  You can shop by clicking on the icons below.