Baby Shower for a Sweet Baby Girl

Back in April, I met up with one of my closest girlfriends, Lisa, for brunch.  Typically, a mimosa (or three) would be consumed so I knew that when I failed to order one, she would immediately know my secret…I was pregnant.   My plan was to wait until we sat down and then share my news with her but my excitement took over.  I blurted it out as we stood in the foyer of the restaurant, waiting for a table.  This is how the conversation progressed…

Me: I am pregnant.

Lisa:  You are?  So am I.

Me:  You are?!

Lisa:  When are you due?

Me: December 9th.  When are you due?

Lisa: December 10th!


Here is a (super blurry) picture of the two of us on the day we found out that we were both expecting…just one day apart!


Lisa and her husband Dave have two incredible sons so when they found out that they were expecting a girl, everyone was thrilled.  I immediately had visions of her baby shower dancing in my head!

Lisa’s friend, Hope, and I hosted the shower this past weekend.  Here are some pictures of the event…

I began by adding various ribbons to the back of our kitchen chairs.  This is such a simple way to add a feminine, whimsical touch to a space for an event.

  I then began to set the table.  I wrapped the silverware in napkins but it was clear that I needed to add something else.  I ending up purchasing some tags from Michael’s and stamped a simple fork and spoon design onto them.  I then wrapped twine around the napkins and looped the tag through.


We set up a pink and white candy bar…


DSC_0137Hope and I had decided that we would have guests take home candy in little boxes.  I found craft boxes but wanted to embellish them for the party.  I added pink and white chevron print washi tape to the front.  I then added a stamp that said, “Babies are such sweet beginnings” and cut out some hearts with one of my paper punches and glued them to the top of the boxes.


We set up our favorite drink station…a Mimosa bar and added touches of pink polka dots.



The flowers arrived the morning of the baby shower and they turned out beautifully.  We had requested flower arrangements that included blushes and creams.  We also specified that we wanted them to have a “garden party” feel to them.  The English Garden florists in Raleigh did a phenomenal job!





It was such a fun time and I just hope that Lisa was able to feel how excited we all are for her and her family.  This little baby is one lucky girl to be joining such a wonderful family!



Calling All Coats

We are both anxiously waiting for the weather to cool off a tad more, so that we can start layering with coats.

Yes, their purpose is to provide warmth, but let’s be honest, they are sometimes the piece of clothing that ‘makes’ an outfit.  And we would be lying if we haven’t considered wearing some coats as dresses.

Here are a few of coats that we love.

This classic, straight-cut coat by Ralph Lauren is divine.  The faux leather buckles on the high collar are a simple addition, yet make a huge statement.  This is one that we would possibly (depending on length) wear as a dress.

 For those fall nights that are a little chilly, but not freezing, this J. Crew quilted, puffer jacket is the perfect addition to your outfit.  It would be perfect paired with skinny jeans, blouse, booties and, of course, a scarf.

A blazer is one of our favorite pieces.  It can add a “wow factor” to the simplistic outfits.  This Cadet Blazer by Madewell has a military flare to it, which would be super cute with jeans, T-Shirt and combat-like boots.

What are some of your favorite coats for this upcoming season?

Happy Monday!


Tiffany & Lindsey

Our Favorite Baby Gifts…

Baby shower gifts can often be difficult to select, especially if the mom-to-be has decided to refrain from setting up a registry or if most of the items on the registry have already been purchased.  Even if we purchase items off of the baby registry, we both agree that it is fun to also include additional gifts that will be a surprise.  We are featuring some of our favorite baby gifts today.

Lisa and Eric Greenwald founded the company known as Chewbeads.  Their concept was simple…create non-toxic yet fashionable jewelry for moms with teething babies.  Lisa had noticed that her son loved to put whichever necklace she was wearing into his mouth.  She decided that there was a need for necklaces and bracelets that look stylish but can also be safely chewed-on by babies.  The line has expanded and now also includes teething rings and teething toys.  Click here to peruse their products…

Chewbeads| The Bleecker Necklace | Punchy Pink

Chewbeads| The Bleecker Necklace | Punchy Pink


Another favorite gift are the insanely adorable Freshly Picked moccasins.  We are in love with all of the different colors available.  They are a great gift because they are designed to fit on babies little feet with ease.  The have elastic around the opening and this allows for a nice stretch so you don’t have to struggle to pull the moccasin onto the foot.  Seriously, how cute are these little shoes?!   Click here to browse the Freshly Picked site…

Freshly Picked | Heirloom Limited Edition

Freshly Picked | Heirloom Limited Edition

Freshly Picked | Denim on Denim Moccasins | Such a great gender neutral pair

Freshly Picked | Denim on Denim Moccasins | Such a great gender neutral pair

Boogie Wipes are a great idea to throw in for the mom-to-be.  They are super gentle saline wipes that help to combat irritation around a baby (or child’s) nose when suffering from a cold.  The special formula reduces redness and soreness when a baby’s nose needs to be wiped repeatedly.  It is a practical gift that will serve moms and babies well.

Boogie Wipes | Can be found here

Boogie Wipes | Can be found here

A great go-to gift for babies is the Wubbanub.  The Wubbanub is a pacifier that is directly attached to a plush toy.  This item was also created by a mom who saw the need for such a product.  She was continually searching for the pacifier that her infant had fallen out of her infant’s mouth.  Of course, often time the pacifier would roll onto the floor and need to be sanitized.   Often times, it seemed to vanish into thin air.  By sewing a small toy to the pacificer, it provided something for her infant to grip onto, thus making it easier for them to manipulate the pacifier back into their own mouth.  The weight of the stuffed animal helps to keep the pacifier from falling off the infant’s chest.  Several of our “Mom Friends” have confirmed that these work really well.  There are several animals to choose from but here are two of our favorites!

Lamb Wubbanub | Click here to shop

Little Lamb Wubbanub | Click here to shop

Giraffe Wubbanub | Click here to shop

Giraffe Wubbanub | Click here to shop

Another fun baby gift are the creative socks made by Trumpette.  They offer a vast variety of cute socks that look like shoes.  Here are some of our favorites…

Trumpette | Baby Charles socks

Trumpette | Baby Charles socks

Trumpette | Olivia's socks

Trumpette | Olivia’s socks

Trumpette | Pop Stars socks

Trumpette | Pop Stars socks

We can’t help but smile when we see a baby bundled up in a sweet animal hooded towel.  Pottery Barn kids has several different animal options that are ridiculously cute and really soft.

Pottery Barn Kids | Nursery Critter Wraps | click here to shop for these adorable towels

Pottery Barn Kids | Nursery Critter Wraps | click here to shop for these adorable towels


Another idea is to purchase a gift for the mom-to-be so that she can feel pampered.  Mama Mio is a fantastic skin care line that caters to pregnant women.   Being pregnant myself, I (Lindsey) have used the face wash, the facial moisturizer and their Tummy Rub Butter and their energizing leg gel called Lucky Legs.  When I first found out that I was expecting, I struggled to find a skin care line that was considered “safe” for pregnancy.  This line has been wonderful.  I highly recommend purchasing the products for expecting moms as a nice gift for them.  My favorite product is Lucky Legs.  It creates a tingling sensation and soothes legs after a long day or walking or standing while carrying the added weight of a baby bump.

Mama Mio | Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash | Shop all Mama Mio products here

Mama Mio | Gorgeous Glow Facial Wash | Shop all Mama Mio products here

Sly Fox Threads is a super cool company that makes hip baby and children’s clothing.  Their items are perfect baby gifts because their clothing is unlike what you can find in most stores.  They have some fun onesies and t-shirts as well as fashionable accessories for little ones.  Check out their website here.

Slyfox Threads | Like a Boss Onesie

Slyfox Threads | Like a Boss Onesie

Slyfox Threads | Let's Ride tee

Slyfox Threads | Let’s Ride tee

Slyfox Threads | Daddy's Little Sidekick onesie

Slyfox Threads | Daddy’s Little Sidekick onesie

We hope that you found this post helpful when shopping for the next baby shower that you have to attend!  We would also love to hear your go-to baby gifts so pease feel free to share!

Hope you all are having an awesome week!


Tiffany & Lindsey