Chambray for Casual Looks


Since we began our blog a few years ago, many things have changed…the quality of our images (thank goodness), our site’s design, the length of our hair and, most importantly, the passion we put into each post.  One thing that hasn’t change over the last several years?  Our mutually shared obsession with chambray.  In fact, when we first started working on Baubles & Backdrops we featured a series entitled, “A Chambray Look Every Day”.  Here’s a flashback to two of our looks we featured…

We remember feeling so awkward in front of the camera back then.  Let’s be honest, neither of us is truly comfortable in front of the camera now so we usually try to just talk and catch up whenever we shoot.  It helps take our mind out of the moment and minimizes how funny we can feel standing on a busy street in front of the camera.

Okay, back to the topic at hand…chambray.  We still wear chambray all the time.  Our favorite way to wear chambray has remained the same.  A simple button-down chambray top still proves irresistible to us.  Because we are thinking about new pieces to help us transition to fall, we wanted to share our current favorite chambray button-downs with you all!

Simply scroll and click on the individual images for details!



Tiffany & Lindsey


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