High Tops For Fall

Yesterday, I noticed that the flower petals from our Crepe Myrtle trees were beginning to gently fall off.  That, coupled with the beautiful breeze we experienced, made it feel like fall is truly on the horizon.  That’s not to say that we couldn’t have a crazy temperature spike again for a couple of weeks before the temperature actually begins to decrease for good, but it gives me hope.  I have always said that I could happily live somewhere without a summer.  Unless I am laying in a pool or at the beach, heat is not my friend.  In fact, the main thing I miss about L.A. (besides my friends) is the dry climate and the cool nights.  I’m that annoying friend who is wishing for fall within the first week of summer.

The slight change in temperature were are having here in Raleigh is making me so excited fall clothing.  While the hot clothing items for the upcoming season are layering pieces such as dusters, kimonos and cardigans, one of the main shoe trends seems to lean more towards athleisure and cool comfort.  More specifically, high tops are huge for fall.  If you have followed us for awhile, you may have noticed that they have been a favorite of mine for years.  It’s funny because when I wear my high top sneaks, I always have women comment, “I love those shoes but I could never pull off high tops” or “Those are so cool but I’m too old to wear them.”  Listen, my mom is in her late-sixties and she looks so ridiculously cool (and adorable) when she wears her studded high tops.  Forget the traditional rules and just wear what you are drawn to despite that little voice in your head.  I am no spring chicken but I have zero plans of giving up my high tops.  At the very least, give them a try!  A great option this fall is the high top sneaker bootie.  It offers a bit of a more conservative look versus Converse or Vans.  I have linked some great options below.

I am so psyched that there are so many amazing options out right now so I wanted to share my favorite picks with you all!  I have included a variety of price points ranging from affordable kicks to more high-end ones.






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