25 Week Pregnancy Update

Good morning, friends!

I just glanced over at the calendar on my desk and almost passed out when I saw the date.  How have we blazed  through June AND July so fast?  Time is sailing by far too quickly…and I need more time to prepare for this baby!  It finally hit me that it is time to start working on getting the house in order.  My hope is to have every inch of the house organized (within reason) by the time this baby girl makes her appearance.  Last week, I went through every piece of Ryan’s old clothing and sent off items or gave away items to friends who are expecting boys.  Granted, I saved a ton of Ryan’s clothes for baby girl but I had far too much and wanted to share it with friends.  I spent several hours working on cleaning out the closet in what will be her nursery.  It was perfect timing because my brother and sister-in-law had a yard sale this past weekend so I jumped on board with them and was able to sell a bunch of items.

A friend of mine just had a baby this past weekend.  Her son arrived two weeks early and it really put things in perspective.  These little ones are on their own timetable so while I think I know how many weeks are left, reality is that I have absolutely no idea.

How far along?  25 weeks and 5 days

How am I feeling?  I mentioned previously that I was finally able to go off all medications for my pregnancy sickness around 20 weeks.  I basically felt sick 24 hours a day for 16 weeks so once that lifted, I began to settle into the pregnancy.  It was so difficult to focus on all of the excitement when I could barely function and needed to focus all of the energy I did have on caring for Ryan.  The fatigue took a bit longer to go away but I have experienced great bursts of energy recently…hence the organizing kick.

Aversions?  During my pregnancy with Ryan, I developed several aversions.  Currently, it’s the complete opposite.  No aversions to anything.  In fact, ever since giving up red meat back in fifth grade, the thought of red meat has always made me squirm.  However, during this pregnancy, I have found myself craving a cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza!  Assuming that this is my body’s way of telling me to eat more protein, I have tried to amp up the amount of protein in my diet.  This includes eating a ton of Greek yogurt, nuts, eggs, beans, peanut butter, and adding spinach and chia seeds to my smoothies.

Cravings?  Besides the random red meat cravings, I haven’t experienced any super strong cravings this time around.  My cravings go in waves and they aren’t very intense.  (During my previous pregnancy, I craved Eggo waffles so badly that David definitely made a late-night run for them when we ran out.)  The only consistent cravings (since feeling well) have been for fruit, cheddar popcorn, chocolate milk and a Vanilla Bean from Starbucks.  Even so, they are mild cravings.

Body Changes?  Well, my bump seemingly doubled in size overnight this past week.  I reached the point where strangers have felt comfortable asking about my pregnancy because it is that obvious.  We are heading to the beach again soon and I must admit, I am not looking forward to spending my days in a swimsuit.  The beach where we go is really quiet, thankfully, but every single person around is crazy fit!  It is unreal.  Not the best environment for someone who is experiencing a ton of physical changes.  As always, I want to stress the fact that I couldn’t feel more blessed to be carrying this baby but it doesn’t mean that the changes to my body don’t have an impact on how I feel about myself in a bathing suit.  Just to further clarify, I would happily look this this for three years if it meant being able to meet our baby girl!

The butterflies have taken up residence in my belly alongside baby girl.  I am getting so anxious to meet her and to see how Ryan responds to his little sister.  He has been telling us that baby sister is in HIS tummy recently so it seems that he is coming around to the idea.  Woohoo!  He also has asked for me to “open my tummy” so he can see her…it has to so confusing for the little kiddos to understand the pregnancy process but man, it makes me giggle when he tries!

Hope you all have a fantastic start to the week!




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