20 Week Pregnancy Update

I can hardly believe that I shared the pregnancy with you all seven whole weeks ago.  It’s also nearly impossible to wrap my head around the fact that we are over halfway to meeting this little one.  This pregnancy is FLYING compared to when we were expecting Ryan!

How far along?  20 weeks, 5 days

How am I feeling?  This past week was the first time that I have successfully been able to go off all medications!  This little one gave me a run for my money.  I was still feeling sick until week 19.  While I am still far more tired than usual, not feeling ill all the time feels incredible.  Now, it’s time to start organizing the house and actually begin preparing for our new addition.

Aversions?  No major aversions but this cheese-loving girl isn’t anywhere near as drawn to foods like pizza and cheese and crackers during this pregnancy.  It’s not an aversion…just a decreased interest.

Cravings?  While I craved chocolate cake and Eggo waffles ALL THE TIME during my pregnancy with Ryan, my cravings have been more fleeting this time.  Last week, I couldn’t eat enough grapes.  This week, I crave cheddar popcorn.  There was a brief cliche craving of pickles a few weeks ago but that subsided.  Basically, none of the cravings have been intense so far and haven’t stuck around for very long.  The one thing I could happily have at any time is a Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks.  Tastes incredible!  I give up caffeine while pregnant so the Vanilla Bean makes me feel like I am drinking an iced coffee even though it tastes nothing like coffee.  It’s more about the experience and feeling of carrying around that silly plastic cup.  That cup holds a lot of associative power!

Body changes?  Because of all the carbs I had to live on during the three and a half months of sickness, there has been a decent amount of weight gain.  Not to mention the fact that I was laying down and resting so often caused my (already neglected) muscles to turn into soggy noddles.  Heading to the beach the other weekend was admittedly tough.  I haven’t felt comfortable in a bathing suit in years and this year was no exception.  Definitely the most difficult insecure I have ever felt.  I have already decided that I refuse to feel like this for another summer so, once I am allowed to begin working out after this baby, a regimen will be in place.  The self-criticism is far too draining.  It’s time to make a change.

Gender?  We confirmed the gender this week at our last ultrasound so I am just waiting to shoot a few gender reveal pics and then will share!

When we first told Ryan about the pregnancy, he wasn’t thrilled.  Whenever we would ask if he wanted a bother or sister he would immediately reply,  “No.  All done.  Ryan.”  This was his way of saying that he wanted us to be done having kids.  It made us laugh but secretly we were praying that he would come around to the idea of being a big brother.  Thankfully, he is becoming increasingly more happy about his new sibling.






  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that Ryan is coming around! I can’t wait for the gender reveal! xx, I’m Fixin’ To

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