Stripes, Stripes & More Stripes

Good morning!

Hope everyone’s week is flying and that you have fun (or relaxing) plans for Memorial Day weekend.  Personally, I cannot wait for the weekend.  We are heading to the beach for a few days.  My parents’ place is finished and all of the beds have been delivered.  While there is a ton left to do, we have the essentials so we are ready to start using the heck out of the home.  The entire family is so psyched to create amazing memories together…especially with the three (soon-to-be four) little ones.  The house is located in a really quiet area where the kids can ride bikes and run wild as they get older.  It’s going to be so special for everyone so we looking forward to our first trip this weekend with the whole family!  The only downside, we have no baby gates.  It never occurred to me so we will be purchasing them shortly but, in the meantime, I’ll be chasing my little monkey around like a lunatic.  Sounds relaxing, right?

Alright, moving onto today’s style topic…stripes!  Does anyone else love the simplicity of a striped top?  I cannot resist a comfy, classic black and white striped top.  They are pieces that are timeless and are worth every penny.  How amazing is it that you can now find everything else you need in a striped pattern?  Bags, bathing suits, pants…you can find just about anything and in all different colors!  I have put together my absolute favorite striped items for spring and summer for you all to check out…



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