Printed Maxi Dress for Spring

Good morning, friends!

Let’s all take a deep breath and get ready for a new week.  On the blog side of things, Tiffany and I have a fun week ahead and on the personal side, my week is full of parties and dinners.  However, the biggest thing happening in my life this week?  My sweet little guy is starting preschool!  (Cue the tears.)  I am a stay-at-home mom but I am not naive to the fact that Ryan craves social interaction as well as structure.  He is beyond excited to begin school and, as emotional as it make me feel, I take comfort in the face that he will love his experience.  The school is located close-by so we have driven by multiple times to show Ryan and each time he tries to get out of his carseat (which is impossible, thankfully) and go inside.  He is SO ready.  Fingers crossed that this mama will be the only one shedding tears tomorrow!

Even though he will only be starting out at two mornings a week, it will give me a bit of time to be more productive…or to meet up for brunch!  Speaking of which, today I am featuring the perfect dress for both of those situations.  This printed maxi is comfortable enough to wear while running errands around town but dressy enough for a mimosa-filled afternoon.  The fabric is so soft and I absolutely love the fit.  It comes in at the ribcage but doesn’t cling anywhere else.  Bonus in my book!  The tie at the neck allows you to adjust the neckline so it fits your body…and gives you the option to position the v-neckline lower or higher, depending on which way makes you feel more comfortable.  I paired it with a denim jacket because it is still a little chilly in the evenings here in Raleigh (and because my arms are a current insecurity) but it is also gorgeous alone.  I plan on taking it to the beach this summer to wear both on the beach when I want more coverage and at night to dinner…so versatile.  This dress is definitely worth checking out for both spring and summer!




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