Embellished Denim Jackets

Alright, friends, let’s talk about a fun piece to add to your spring wardrobe!  A cool trend that is being seen everywhere is embellished denim. I am particularly drawn to denim jackets adorned with patches, crystals, even paint.  While this trend is definitely hot right now, it isn’t one that will leave you hanging onto a dated piece a year from now.  Embellished denim has always been in style, it’s just being spotlighted more right now.  You’ll be able to wear these pieces for many years to come.  Personally, creative denim pieces remind me of the early 90’s.  I lived in London at that point in my life and would spend hours hunting for the perfect patches for my jeans and jackets…most likely a Rage Against the Machine patch or some type of skull patch.  Ugh, what I would do to be able to go back in time and hold onto those pieces!  This look is such a great way to display a bit of personality.  You could easily add your own embellishments to these jackets or for those of you who love a good project, you can use these for inspiration and design your own!

I have pulled together my favorite embellished denim jackets for you to check out. You can find them at the end of the post.   Just click on the individual pics for more details!




  1. Really loving embellished denim right now! I love that there are plenty of girly options like floral patches, so it doesn’t always have to look so edgy. I don’t think I could rock skull-printed anything! 😂

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

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