Weekend Look

Can we all take a deep breath and jump into the week?

Should I feel embarrassed to admit that I am already having anxiety about packing for our trip to L.A….NEXT WEEK?  Packing for me is the easy part.  Man, how that has changed.  For those of you who don’t know, I moved to Raleigh from L.A. so going back is always a blast.  Before having Ryan, packing was a disaster because my trips out there were filled with nights out and cruising all over the city.  A zillion outfits were packed, not to mention the countless pairs of shoes.  I suffered from that, “Just in case” mentality.  Now, my trips out there are filled with casual evenings out and playdates with my best girls and their cutie-pies.  As long as I pack a couple of outfits for the two nights I will probably head out with friends, I am covered.  Packing for Ryan on the other hand, UGH.  It’s not even the clothes because they are so tiny that I can pack layers for him to cover bases for all weather possibilities.  It is all of the other stuff…loveys, books, toys, medicine and thermometer (just in case), favorite stuffed animal that sleeps with him, diapers, wipes, and the list goes on.  We will be staying at my parents’ place so, thankfully, we have a monitor, sound machine and bath toys already out there.  Do any of you have any tricks for packing for a toddler?  If so, can you please share?

This past weekend was jam-packed but so much fun.  Tiffany and I headed out to a Galentine’s party with a bunch of local blogger friends.  It is always so nice to connect with this group of girls.  The two of us shot some content for the blog afterwards and then I raced home because we were celebrating David’s upcoming birthday with my family that night.

While preparing for the blogger get-together, I went out and find a couple of dresses that were perfect for the event.  The problem?  I tried both of them on the next day and wasn’t feeling them at all.  Ultimately, I wore a simple look far different from what I had envisioned but I felt comfortable, and most importantly, I felt like myself.  I wore black booties to the event and then changed into my glitter high tops afterwards so add a bit of edge to the clean look.



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