Wearing Lightweight Tops in the Winter

I would have to say that for the last several years, regardless of changes within the world of fashion, my favorite items in my closet remain feminine bohemian style blouses.   The lack of structure is difficult to resist as I am not someone who is drawn towards body-conscious clothing.  As my body changed during my pregnancy with Ryan, these blouses allowed me to put off purchasing maternity tops and then post-pregnancy, they helped camoflauge my mushy tummy.  (Cough, cough, they still do two years later.)  Once the cooler weather rolls in, I try to figure out how to style them so they don’t just hang in my closet until spring rolls around.  That would be far too sad!

During winter, one of my favorite ways to style tops that are traditionally viewed as spring pieces is to pair it with great outerwear.  In this case, I opted for a faux shearling vest.  The vest kept me warm but also added a nice layer of texture to the look.  This is such an easy way to keep your favorite lightweight tops in rotation during cooler weather.




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