Romantic Floral Dresses for Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, it’s the perfect time to start daydreaming about what to wear.  While many shops are showcasing solid red and pink dresses or pieces that feature hearts, I love the idea of a printed dress on that special night.  More specifically, a gorgeous floral dress just screams romance to me so it seems like such a great choice.  Truthfully, David and I don’t have plans yet.  Ryan and I head out for a two week long trip to Los Angeles a day and a half later so I will likely be curled up in the fetal position on Valentine’s Day panicking about the state of our packing situation.  I am a notorious over-packer so throw a toddler into the mix and now the amount of luggage I pack is just absurd.  However, if David and I do plan a special date night, I hope to find a dress like the ones I am sharing below.  They are so flirty and beautiful and I love that they aren’t what people tend to think of when picturing a Valentine’s Day look.

These are my absolute favorite floral dresses that I could find.  I love all of the different styles, lengths, necklines and patterns!

You can simply click on the images to shop the different dresses.



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