An Unexpected Purchase

Morning, everyone!

For those of you who follow us on social media, you are probably already aware of the fact that Mother Nature hasn’t made our trip to Los Angeles quite as perfect as we expected.  While we knew the weather would be less than ideal, we weren’t prepared for rain pretty much every day.  I also somehow didn’t manage to pack very well…which is mind-blowing considering the fact that our luggage barely fit in David’s massive SUV when we left for the airport in Raleigh.  While the forecast for the beginning of the trip called for cool temps, I made the mistake of assuming that the weather would shift so I packed A TON of lightweight tops and no coat besides my leather jacket.

Within a couple of days, it became clear that I needed to run out and find a scarf to help keep me warm.  You see, we weren’t about to let the weather get in the way of our outdoor adventures.  I ran to The Americana shopping center in Glendale and beelined for Nordstrom.  I knew that if anywhere would have a great oversized scarf, it would be there.  David helped me hunt in the accessories department but it became evident that spring scarves has replaced the winter ones.  I decided to make one more lap and noticed on the edge of the accessories area was a tiny display of Rag & Bone hats and ONE  gorgeous scarf!  The scarf was black and a pretty green-brown and it was MASSIVE.  Also, it was covered in daggers.  Beyond cool.  It was perfect except for one thing…the price tag.  Thankfully, I stockpile my Nordstrom Notes so I used a bunch of those to bring down the cost.  I have worn this scarf EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I love that it is so large that it keeps me unbelievably toasty and that it can also be worn as a wrap depending on my needs.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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