OTK Boots

It’s no secret that we both love our over-the-knee (OTK) boots and they are by far the chicest shoes this winter.  Designers have done a great job providing endless options from flats, lace ups, stilettos and even wedges…there is a pair for everyone.

Since we live for comfort, it’s no surprise that we both own a pair of flat over-the-knee boots.  Although flats are typically considered more relaxed and casual, we still wear them for a more dressed up look.  That’s the great thing about these boots, you always feel “dressed up”.

If you are on the fence and not sure if you can pull these off, we encourage you to give them a try.  Make sure to find a pair that fits snug against your legs and sits about an inch above the knee for a slimming effect. Maybe go for a pair in black to start since it is flattering for all body types and will match nearly any outfit.

Here are a few of our favorites that you can shop by clicking on.


Tiffany & Lindsey


  1. Great picks, girls! I have a flat pair of OTK boots, too. xx, I’m Fixin’ To

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