Family Snow Days

Good morning, everyone!

 Each year here in Raleigh, we expect to see snow just a few times each winter.  Sometimes the occurrence is even more rare than that but I was keeping my fingers crossed.  This was going to be the first time that Ryan was old enough to actually play in the snow and I couldn’t wait for that experience.  Well, my wish came true this past weekend as we woke up to a mini winter wonderland on Saturday.  While we didn’t get a foot of snow, we did get just enough for us to have the best time outside.

While spending the fifteen minutes of bundling Ryan up in his snow gear, there was that tiny bit of concern that my kid would not be a fan of the cold air and wind…and understandably so.  If you’re that tiny and and have never experienced freezing temperatures I would think that it could prove traumatizing!  Perhaps it is because his mom’s roots are based in Rochester, NY (one of the coldest areas in the states) because Ryan LOVED the snow.  He immediately started to trek through the snow and surprised me with his sense of balance.  Although, truthfully, the moments that David and I looked most forward to were when he did topple over and had to pull himself up.  There are few things cuter than a teeny tiny little one decked out like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man trying to figure out how to get back up on his or her feet.  We FaceTimed various family members while Ryan played so they could be part of the experience and while we were on with my brother, Ryan began to get up from his seated position.  The sound of my brother laughing (in between his words of encouragement) was priceless.

Because we don’t experience much snow here, David and I had not purchased any snow toys so out came Ryan’s beach bucket and sand shovels.  They worked perfectly!  My brother and sister-in-law had passed down an inflatable snow raft so we pulled Ryan all the way the street and he enjoyed the ride.  We somehow had a as well so David plopped Ryan down on it and slowly pushed him down the hill in our backyard.  It is funny how as parents you need to ease your child into things…not for the sake of your child but for your own sake.  By the end of the day, David was shoving Ryan down that very same hill.

Our little guy loved playing in the snow so much that our first day out ended in a huge tantrum.  He isn’t a kid who typically tantrums so I have to admit that we found it humorous.  Of all times to choose to throw a fit, he chose to do so facedown in a bed of snow…while wearing eighteen pieces of clothing.  With his coat and snow pants on, he was trying to kick little legs but they barely moved.  It was one of those moments when we were thankful that he couldn’t see us giggling.

Ryan and I are currently relishing in the fact that snow remains on the ground.  Sunday was crazy cold…as in frostbite warning windchill levels so we had to take a day off from being outside.  We headed out again yesterday and he showed even less fear during sledding, although he laughed the loudest when his dad came flying own the hill!  My parents are are heading over today so we will head out one last time because the temperature is supposed to hit close to 70 degrees on Friday.  (Nothing like a good old 40+ degree temp jump…i hear that’s great for keeping people healthy.  Ugh.)

Here are some pics of our days in the snow…




Have a wonderful day, friends!



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