Wearing Neutrals on Neutrals

Hope you all had a fun-filled (or relaxing) Halloween!

Gosh, it is nearly impossible to believe that we wake up today and greet November.  How did that happen?

David and I recently traveled to Charleston, SC for a belated fifth anniversary trip.  It was my first time there and I couldn’t believe how smitten I was within hours hours.  It truly is a magical place and the people were unbelievably nice.  Quite possibly the nicest people I had ever encountered in any city as a whole.  The first day of the trip was difficult because we had to say goodbye to Ryan as he was staying with my parents while we were gone.  It was impossible not to be emotional.  I missed him the second we pulled out of the driveway.  Our second day was filled with shopping and eating…and Moscow Mules.  It really was so nice to reconnect as a couple.  It was also refreshing to not be tied down to a schedule for the first time in years.  I wish that we could say that we slept in but that wasn’t the case.  We are now officially wired to wake at Ryan’s wake-up time.

The trip was really special but I was ready to head home and see my little guy on Sunday.  I chose to wear this comfortable outfit for our last day in Charleston.  I decided to layer neutrals on neutrals.  This can create an effortless but cool look but the neutrals definitely need to complement each other.  I opted for a combination of oatmeal, taupe, tan and gray.  The statement necklace added another layer to the various textures of the clothing pieces.  Another fun way to layer neutrals is using grays.  Pairing charcoal with lighter grays can make for a dramatic and sophisticated look.






Hope you all have a beautiful day!



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