Halloween with Our Little Skunk

Last year on Halloween, we went trick or treating with Ryan’s big cousins but we weren’t able to stay out too long because Ryan was less than a year old.  While he liked being out and about, he definitely didn’t understand what was happening despite his fixation with Halloween books.  Ever since he was about nine months old, Ryan has always gravitated towards Halloween children’s books over any other type of book.  At that point, I can’t say for sure what drew him to those particular books but as he became older, he expressed an interest in all things related to the fun-filled holiday…bats, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, etc.  Because of this, David and I were looking forward to seeing how Ryan responded to Halloween now that he is older.  It is safe to say that it was the best night of his little life so far.  He trekked for far longer than we anticipated and (maybe because we pretend to trick or treat while playing) he caught on to the idea of knocking on the doors and waiting for candy quickly.  As many little ones do, he tried to open the front doors at two houses but soon realized that the doorbell was the more exciting choice.

My family lives locally and David’s parents are just a quick two hour drive away so Halloween has become a big family event.  It really is so special for Ryan to be surrounded by so many people who love him on Halloween.  I’m not naive to the fact that often that isn’t the case because of distance.

As for what Ryan wore, I saw this adorable skunk outfit a few months ago and knew that it was the right choice.  David agreed and so it has been in the closet waiting to be worn.  Initially, on Halloween night, Ryan refused to put it on but we told him that the only way he was going outside was to be bundled up because it was cold.  His thirty second refusal came to a prompt halt because he was so anxious to get outside.  My favorite part was watching him walk from behind because his little tail would wobble as he moved.

Here are some pictures of our night…




My brother, sister-in-law and nieces…





Our little photobombed (who is obsessed with his cousins) insisted on being in their family picture…



My little loves…


Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween night!!!




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