A Feminine and Cozy Look for Thanksgiving Day

Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far…or at the very least, a decent week.  It seems like everyone has been swamped with work or stressed out about life in general over the past couple of weeks.  I suppose it is normal right before the holidays but certainly hope this week is going better.  While I can’t say that I have been overwhelmed, I have definitely been busy.  We host Thanksgiving for both families each year and this year we will have close to twenty people.  It is my favorite holiday so I am trying to prep the house.  First things on the agenda…clean and organize.  Then, try to decorate as much as possible but I find that great Thanksgiving decorations are oddly difficult to find.  Target had a couple of cute items as well as the Paper Source.  When in doubt, I always add pinecones.  They are such an inexpensive, festive and pretty way to bring fall indoors.  What are your favorite tricks for decorating for Thanksgiving?  I would love to know!

Today I am sharing a look that would be easy to put together for Thanksgiving Day.  In our household, we tend to have a more laid-back holiday but if I was going to someone else’s home, this would be my outfit for the day.  I loved the idea of pairing these soft colors together and then adding a tiny pop of color with olive green tights.  This lace dress from Anthropologie is beautiful.  You may know by now that cream lace is my weakness so it was no surprise when this dress made its’ way into my closet.  This majority of this look is available at Anthropologie.  I will link all of the items below although I am linking the boots to a different store because they are currently on sale elsewhere but not at Anthro.

Happy Wednesday!










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