A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Friday, friends!

David and I took Ryan to the pumpkin patch for the first time earlier this week.  He had a smile on his face from the moment we pulled into the parking lot until we carried our pumpkins to the car.  As a parent, it was a special memory that I will cherish forever.  His eyes gleamed with excitement the moment he laid eyes on the pumpkins in the tent that was set up at the entrance.  Pumpkins everywhere…and a little monkey who wanted to pick up every single one.

We made our way down the dirt road to the pumpkin patch and watched as Ryan ran ahead of us.  He would dart down the road and then something would catch his eye and he would stop to explore.  One of his favorite parts of the entire morning was hunting for ladybugs that would land on the pumpkin leaves.  He just giggled and giggled as he watched them land and then fly away.   The oohs and aahs that he was making during our time at the patch made my heart swell.  He was enjoying every moment and was filled with pure joy.  Here I was thinking that we would go to the pumpkin patch, walk around and pick some pumpkins, but it ended up being so much more.  So much so that we ended up taking him back with my parents just a few days later.  I wanted them to watch him have one of his best times ever as well.  In fact, David’s mom is coming into town this weekend so maybe we can take her too…but no more pumpkins!  Our front porch has plenty.











Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



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