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Morning friends!

Who is ready for this week to be over?  I’m raising my hand, for sure.  The last two weeks have been really busy at work and I have had a lot of late nights (one night was 1:30am).  I’m exhausted to say the least.  On top of work, I am a little anxious about this weekend because it’s finally time the next step in our fertility journey.  I will be sharing more about that Friday!  If you want to read more about our journey,here are several links to get you to where we are today:  Journey (this includes links to 5 part series), Update I, Update II, Update III.

Through our fertility journey, my weight has been gradually increasing and it is driving me nuts.  While I know this is all for a great cause and I have no control of how the medications effect my body, I’m really uncomfortable in my own skin these days.  I am the heaviest I have ever been and I dread getting ready every morning.  It is such a process to find things that fit and/or that are flattering.  I’m hesitant to purchase new clothes because I feel hopeful that I will be pregnant in the near future.  With all of that said, I have been working out as much as I can.  Between work and not always feeling 100% due to meds, I don’t get to work out as much as I would like but something is better than nothing, right?

To help motivate me to workout, I decided to sign up for Fabletics several months ago.  I’ve received several outfits (5 total) and I absolutely love them all.  The quality is amazing…no sheer pants here; and they hold everything “in”.  Plus, they have a lot of fun patterns to choose from and they offer dresses, bathing suits, accessories, kids clothes and men’s clothes.  The whole family can take advantage of the membership.

So here is how the membership works, you get your first outfit for $25 by signing up (you can here).  After that month, you decided if you want an outfit or if you want to skip the month. If you skip the month, you are not charged anything ($0).  If you want an outfit, then you are charged the cost of the outfit, which start at $50.  I’ve been a member for 9 months and have skipped four of them.  You are in control and you decide when you spend money…it’s great!  If you are looking for some new workout gear, I highly recommend Fabletics.  (This is not an ad, I just love the products!)

Here are a few pics of my latest outfit.








  1. Tiffany, those pants are so cute! I’ve been seeing so many cute fabletics pieces around lately… Also, I know how you feel about being uncomfortable in your own skin sometimes. My weight has been at the higher end of my comfortable zone and it’s hard to keep it from getting to me. You look absolutely incredible and in great shape, gorgeous! xo

  2. Im so glad to see you review fabletics. I have been contemplating it for some time… But never went for it thinking it’d be a waste of time. Thanks for the feedback. I absolutely love this outfit too. While I think you always look stunning and in workout clothes no less 🙄 (Haha) I can relate to being uncomfortable… I’m there too, but for different reasons. I’ll be thinking of you and Rudy this weekend and sending one up to the big man for you guys. Xo, g

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