First Impression Doormats

Good morning, friends!

I have been spending a lot of time on Houzz recently.  While David and I are not quite ready to build our next home, it has certainly become a major topic of discussion over the last several months.  We love our current neighborhood and our lot but the floor plan does not function well for our needs.  We bought an existing home and did some renovating but financially didn’t want to undertake a major structural renovation so we focused on aesthetics.  Now that we have Ryan, there are many things we wish we would have changed.  For example, I would  love to be able to see into our family room from our kitchen so that Ryan could play in there while I cook, clean, etc.  Instead, we have a massive wall with built-ins separating the two rooms.  We have a finished basement but there is so much wasted space and not enough storage.  Also, I would LOVE to have a decent laundry room…one I can move in without feeling trapped.  These are just a few of the issues and because they aren’t major issues, we are happy to wait to build until the time is right.

As I was perusing exteriors of homes Houzz and Pinterest, one thing dawned on me…it’s interesting how we can spend so much time and energy selecting pieces for the interior of our home yet neglect the one item that truly sets the first impression for your home.  When guests come to your home, the very first thing they typically lay eyes on is a doormat.  Yep, as crazy as it sounds, I am talking doormats.  Because it is viewed as a place to simpy wipe one’s feet, it is often overlooked.  More often than not, we grab one while out and about at Home Depot or Target without giving it much thought despite the fact that it can actually be a great way to display some personality.  Companies have realized this niche market and have come up with some adorable and fun mats recently.

We have the mat that says, “Well HELLO there” but I am struggling to refrain from buying the taco one!  Too cute.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!



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