The Simplicity of White Lace

Hi, sweet friends.

Oh my goodness, I so hope that you all are feeling better rested than I am this morning.  My poor little guy was up the entire night.  We are fairly certain that he has croup but I am waiting for the doctor’s office to open so I can call and make an appointment for today.  He is typically a great sleeper but had been waking up and crying several times over the last few days.  David and I were blaming his canine teeth that are coming in but now I am not so sure.  I have found that be be one of the hardest parts of parenting…attempting to figure out what exactly is causing my son to feel under the weather.  The hardest?  Even if you figure out the culprit, you tend to feel helpless.  It is heart breaking.

Because of the fact that Ryan needs me today more than he usually does, I hope you understand why I am keeping this post short and sweet…and please excuse any errors!

There is something about a white lace blouse that wins me over every time.  The crisp white with the feminine detailing is pretty irresistible.  A couple of weeks ago I literally typed, “White lace top” into Google and this blouse popped up.  While it was pricey (even at the discounted sale price), it won me over because I know it will be worn countless times and will last for years because of the high quality.  It is so beautifully made.

I decided to keep everything else at a minimum when putting together this look.  The shirt is so intricately detailed that it seemed only fitting for that to be the focus.  I wore my favorite olive green wedges and some distressed denim.  Pairing jeans with rips and tears with a feminine top is a great juxtaposition.

Because several of these pieces are on the pricey side, I will also share some more moderately priced options at the end of this post along with specific items I am wearing.








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