Hats for Fall

As difficult as it is to believe with the insanely hot weather and heavy humidity still lurking outside, fall is just around the corner.  The two of us are anxiously awaiting the morning when we wake up and feel that tiny little chill entering our homes.  This summer was extra humid here in Raleigh and it has seemed to have no end.  Now that we are almost halfway through August, the end is finally in sight!  Before we know it (fingers crossed), we will be cozying up with the layers that we love so much.

We both have had a scarf addiction for several years, then we threw in an obsession with vests last winter and now we cannot resist a great hat for fall and winter.  All of these items help to add a layer to your look.  While they are all serve a utilitarian purpose by  helping to keep you toasty in the cooler months, they also help to add an additional element of texture to your look.  Building on top of your usual clothing suspects (sweater, jeans) helps to create a look that feels more chic and more unique to you.  A wool fedora or wide-brimmed hat is an easy way to achieve that while also offering a functional purpose of helping you get through less than stellar hair days.  Because we love them so much, we wanted to share our favorites with you.  There are so many incredible options this year!


Tiffany & Lindsey

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