Denim on Denim for Summer

Good morning, everyone!  Hope you all are feeling wide awake and energized this morning.  If so, please know that I am totally and completely envious.  The night before last, Ryan was crying and whining in his sleep.  Even though he was sleeping, I needed to wake him up because it meant he was experiencing some sort of pain.  Ever since he experienced his febrile seizure a few months back, I don’t want to take any chances.  Thankfully, it was ultimately determined to pain from teething, but we were awake for a few hours in the middle of the night nonetheless.  The following morning, I headed to the Wilmington area to work on my parents’ beach house that they are building.  We were there all morning and afternoon and headed back so I could be home to see Ryan before bed.  It was a bit of a long 24 hours but I was able to take a twenty minute snooze in the car on the way back.   Those twenty minutes were magical.

Because so much of my days are spent out and about with Ryan or running around with design samples, I tend to dress down most days.  Even though I want to feel comfortable, I also want to feel put together.  One of my favorite tricks is to pair a statement necklace with a more casual look.  Often times that means throwing it on with a vintage tee, or in this case, pairing it with a button down chambray top.  This look definitely has an androgynous feel which I think it fun.  While florals prints and lace are beautiful, sometimes it is fun to put together a menswear inspired look.







Have a great rest of your day!



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