Tie Scarf

Well, as I mentioned previously, the heat has officially arrived here in Raleigh.  Although it isn’t too humid out, the air is definitely becoming a bit thick.  Throughout the last few years, I have come to realize that I could happily live in a place where temperatures never break 75 degrees.  I remember when I first moved here from Los Angeles.  The first year, the humidity was almost debilitating.  The southern California air is so dry that even in the midst of summer, finding a shady area can provide complete reprieve from the heat.  Here in Raleigh?  Not so much.

I have always found putting together an outfit in the summer to prove more difficult.  Layering is important to me but, obviously, the heat makes that far less appealing.  Over the years, accessorizing with statement pieces such as a large necklace or throwing on a hat has become my warm weather alternative to layering.  This silky tie scarf is an awesome way to add some flair to a simple look.  (It is so thin that it won’t cause you to overheat!)  I like to pair it with anything from a pretty blouse to a vintage tee.  It is a really versatile piece that makes a great (and affordable) addition to any closet.






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