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Happy summer!  With summer officially here and prime wedding season among us, I wanted to share a few pictures of a wedding I was in over Memorial Day weekend.

My dear friend, Hunter, married the man of her dreams in her parents’ backyard, which happened to be on a lake in Monroe, NC.  The setting was perfect.  She was perfect.  Their love was perfect.  It was truly a magical weekend.  As a past wedding planner, I have seen my share of weddings and some very gorgeous ones at that, but I think this one had the best bridesmaids dresses by far.

Have you seen 27 Dresses?  (If not, you must see of my favorites.)  They continuously say that you can take a bridesmaids dress and “cut if off and wear it again.”  Well, very rarely is that the case.  Actually, that has never been the case for me.  But, this time was different.  Actually, I don’t even need to cut it off.  It is perfect the way it is.

BHLDN, brought to you by Anthropologie, has perfected the bridesmaid dress.  Their entire collection is beyond beautiful and reasonably priced.  Regardless if you need a wedding gown, flower girl dresses, lingerie, shoes or anything else related to your wedding day, you must give BHLDN a chance.

(shop a few of my favorites below)

Photos by: Timeless Exposures Photography



Below are a few other pics from the wedding day.

She gifted us all a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar.


Hunter received a small figurine for every birthday until she was 16.  Ironically, she had 16 tables at her reception, so rather than traditional table numbers, she used the birthday figurines as table numbers.  So cute!


Can we talk about this head table?  It was stunning!


To make it even more special, she actually used her grandmother’s china for the head table.  It was such a sweet, personal touch.




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