Tie Dye and White Denim

Morning, everyone!

I am heading out with my parents this morning.  They are building a place on the beach near Wilmington and we are in the midst of making design selections.  Today, we need to finalize flooring options.  I’ll show you our options on Snapchat today (username: baublesbackdrop).  While I have zero background in interior design, my mom has always been very talented and continues to have a great eye.  I grew up watching her seamlessly turn our houses into homes.  Because of this, I have always had a passion for design.  When David and I renovated our current home a few years ago, it was finally my opportunity to play around…and I loved every second.  Looking so forward to making selections today!

As we mentioned previously, Tiffany and I attended the Anthropologie Fashion Show in North Hills.  I opted to wear a tie-dyed Show me Your Mumu tunic and white jeans.  Man, I love white denim.  Throwing on the white jeans immediately brightened up my entire. Because the top was so busy, I kept accessories simple and paired one of my favorite pendant necklaces with my delicate “Ryan” necklace.

Going back to the tunic…I love this top but it felt a touch shapeless on my frame.  Because I have a larger chest, I need to be careful with how full the bottom of a top appears on me because it tends to add weight.  With long flowing tops like this one, I often tie a knot on the side.  It instantly decreases the boxiness of the top while also adding a bit of interest.  It is such a simple but effective trick for “tailoring” a oversized top.  It just dawned on me that I should do a before and after picture.  I’ll feature this trick in a post as soon as possible!









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