3 Things on My Mind

Hi, all!  It has been a tough week in our household.  We flew in from Los Angeles on Sunday and arrived around 8pm.  We were supposed to be home by 6pm but our plane had maintenance issues.  Go figure.  David and I are both germaphobes so we never let our “airplane clothes” touch anything in our house.  We change immediately.  This is no different for Ryan.  When we walked in the door, I began to change him and noticed that he felt warm.  Ever since his febrile seizure last month, I have been hypersensitive to any temperature change.  We grabbed the thermometer and, sure enough, he had a 102 fever.  The fever last a couple of days and then I took him to his pediatrician.  She informed us that it was Hand, Foot and Mouth disease like we thought.  Poor little guy had ulcers covering his tongue and inside of his mouth.  Thankfully, he never broke out on either his hands or feet.  He slept a lot, relaxed and by Friday, he was feeling great again.  David and I were just so relived that Ryan experienced another fever without having a febrile seizure.  Big deal around here.

Today, I am sharing 3 things on my mind…

1. I am so incredibly thankful that my guy is healthy again.

2. Tiffany has been sharing her journey towards motherhood the past couple of weeks.  It has allowed you to have a glimpse at what a strong and courageous person she is…that on top of being one of the kindest people EVER.  My hope is that writing about her experience and sharing will prove cathartic.

3. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  One of my closest friends just lost her mother.  Tiffany is going through her emotional journey to become a mom.  David and I went through hell before Ryan was born with the premature birth of our twin boys and then a breast cancer diagnosis.  I’ll never forget the pain I felt the following Mother’s Day knowing that our two little ones should have been there with us.  Although Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and show appreciation, it should never be forgotten that it is a heartbreaking day for many.  Please keep that in your mind…and in your heart.

Here is an amazing article on the topic…

7 Ways To Remember the Hurting Mothers This Mother’s Day



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