Sneaker Addict

Our weekends are generally filled quite a bit of errand running and a lot walking around.  Because of this I have, admittedly, developed a touch of an obsession with cool sneakers.  I suppose it has always been the case but my affinity for sneaks has grown exponentially since Ryan entered my life.  The fact that they allow me to put together an outfit that it both cute and comfortable is a big deal.  The fact that I married a man who LOVES shoes probably didn’t help.  David is the type of person who keeps all of his sneakers in the original boxes and those boxes are lined up perfectly on special “shoe shelves” in his closet.  Further fueling my obsession, I recently ordered my first pair of custom Nike’s.  When they arrived, it felt like Christmas morning!

Plus, there has been a shift in recent years.  Sneakers are no longer just for athletic events or the gym.  They have become such a fun form of self-expression.  That’s why designing my very own pair was so exciting.  I highly recommend checking out the custom program but also wanted to share some of my favorite options out there.  I will share those at the end of the post!









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