Olive Green & Stripes

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am currently in the midst of packing.  We are heading back to L.A. for a ten day trip.   I am looking so forward to seeing my friends out there.  We already have plans set up and I couldn’t be more excited.  (For those of you who don’t know, I moved from L.A. to Raleigh in 2008 so I consider that to be one of my “homes”.)  My parents split their time between Raleigh and L.A. so we will be staying with them while visiting.

Back to the whole packing thing…ugh.  I am historically and notoriously an over-packer.  Now that we have Ryan, I have found that I over-pack for him but am a bit better when packing for myself.  This isn’t to say that I am heading out with just a carry-on or anything but there has been improvement.  The clothes are never the issue.  Those are usually picked out and packed with ease.   I always struggle with the miscellaneous items such as hair tools, jewelry and shoes.  Then there is all the stuff for Ryan…his lovies, toys, swim vest, etc.  Currently, our entire dining room table is covered with everything.  I use the table as my “packing home base.”  It helps me to lay everything out before placing it in the suitcases.  This allows me to scan several times and make sure that I have all bases covered.  I’ll let you know how well I do…or how badly I fail.

One of the outfits that I am packing is this green moto vest and a black and white striped shirt.  I absolutely love the combination.  It has become a great go-to look for me when I need to get dressed quickly.  I decided to tie on a little scarf to add just a teensy bit of pattern play and then ultimately opted for a bright red bag for a pop of color.







Have a wonderful day!



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