Light and Airy

Good morning, everyone!  As Tiffany mentioned in her post yesterday , we attended a brunch for local bloggers on Sunday.  After following so many of their blogs and social media accounts for a long time, it was really great to meet them in person.  It was so funny walking into the room and seeing so many familiar faces but having to remind ourselves that we had only actually met a couple of them before.  Isn’t it interesting just how connected social media can make you feel?  A few of us were discussing the fact that we knew so many aspects of each other’s lives despite never having met but we had a good laugh because we all understood that it wasn’t creepy.

This is the dress that I opted to wear to the brunch.  To be honest, it was a little nerve-racking selecting an outfit when I knew the room would be filled with style bloggers.  Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to be comfortable and not appear over-styled.  This dress (which cost less than $60) was the perfect option.  Also, I wore these wedges for about 5 hours and was shocked that I never once was uncomfortable.  They are awesome.  Plus, they are available in six color options!





…and for a dose of reality, this was when a gust of wind came and filled the entire dress with air…






  1. It was so nice to meet y’all! I know we didn’t get to talk much, but hopefully we will see each other at some more events.

    • baublesandbackdrop1003 says:

      Hi, Hannah! It was our very first time at an event with everyone so we were bummed that the time went so quickly. Hope to see you again soon!

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